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Another spin off of the luxury forum

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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 11:52 am
I can’t afford those luxuries. But I enjoy reading about them. Here’s my question - why so much negativity when someone can afford anything? Why so much hate toward people who spend money on this site? And I’m not even talking about $4k luxury handbags (or $32k!!). Cleaning help, eating out, any kind of self care etc.
Tbh, I find the high end luxury forum a breath of fresh air because the people are nice and positive. I’m in debt right now. And I don’t want to read about people crying that they can only afford to eat rice and beans. Why can’t we all be more positive and optimistic and supportive? I’d rather be part of a happy rich forum than a miserable poor one.
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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 11:57 am
I hear both sides.

While you are not wrong, keep in mind imas here who are personally impacted by a war more than others and what that means for them.

No one is begrudging another money or luxury. They are only upset about the idea of a public forum. It can be seen as super insensitive and obnoxious almost.

I actually live in Lakewood and tbh my life has hardly been affected by the war.. aside from new mild anxiety. And I can see how someone living in it would be turned off by this.
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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 11:58 am
Also I would like to add that the downright NASTY responses from people defending the forum were startling...
And also a drop telling on how much they truly can care for other yidden suffering.
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