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My son's rebbi ignores him😢

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Post Fri, May 24 2024, 12:32 pm
My kindergarten son has a rebbi. They have 2 shabbos totties every friday, my son was chosen for shabbos totty 1 time in the beginning of the year, and that's it. I see boys names on the list for the 3rd time. My son keeps asking & crying why he's not shabbos totty. Same with show & tell. They have 4 boys that bring show & tell every week, my son was chosen once. Boys are bringing for the 4th time already. My son had 1 chance. He keeps on crying & asking about it as well. We spoke to the rebbi a while ago, and he said he'll be more on too of the choosing. But that didn't happen. We've been trying to reach him since, and he's not answering the phone. I sent notes with my son, nothing doing. I'm so sad for my son. Is this a reason to call the principal? Or is it petty?
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Post Fri, May 24 2024, 12:36 pm
Definitely call the principal. If you can’t get through to the rebbi that alone is enough of a reason to call.
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Post Fri, May 24 2024, 1:04 pm
Yes call the principal of he's ignoring you. He has to be fair, for little kids this is a huge deal.
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Post Fri, May 24 2024, 1:24 pm
Yes call the principal. It happens by mistake sometimes but those teachers correct it right away. Not correcting it and not answering you is a major issue.
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Post Fri, May 24 2024, 1:26 pm
Preschool teacher here, please call the principal!! This is totally not ok and the end of the school year is pretty close, but far enough away that he should be able to get 1 or even 2 more turns. But it must be dealt with, it's such a simple fix and means a lot to these kids - as you see!
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