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How to stop kids hurting each other?

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Post Sun, May 26 2024, 12:09 am
I get that some fighting is normal. I have a bunch of boys close together in age (4-10). They do this "activity" which is basically rolling around on the floor hurting each other. At first they're laughing, them someone doesn't find it funny anymore and it turns into a very aggressive fight. Youngest has the least boundaries and can really hurt the older ones, removing him and telling him no, all the normal things, he just ignores. And in general I show them how to talk instead of right away hurting, but they still choose to hurt instead of someone bothers them.

Before you tell me I'm just a bad parent - I swear to you I try and distract, separate (hard in a small apt.), give consequences, implement rules to forbid that particular form of "game", prevent boredom from happening - but I can't live on edge like this always trying to think up some creative way to get them to stop...

Is there anything else I can do? I'm tired, and also worried. We've had a an ER trip now because of this, and I just don't know how I can keep them happy and healthy.
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Post Sun, May 26 2024, 2:35 am
Guess they want your attention.
Make a rule no more hugging. Send them to separate rooms immediately.
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Post Sun, May 26 2024, 2:38 am
I wonder if you can have someone teach them how to wrestle safely, and about "stop words" so nobody gets hurt. You may want to wrestle them yourself (or have DH do it) to teach them how to do so appropriately.

The book Playful Parenting gets into wrestling a lot and may be helpful.

You may also need some other physical outlets for them. Energetic kids cooped up in a small apartment is asking for trouble.

Do you have space for a Jungle Jumparoo type toy?
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