No kosher food in Canadian Rockies -What food should I take?

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Post  Tue, Jul 13 2010, 10:36 am
I'll be traveling with my family to the Canadian Rockies, where there is no kosher food to be found. I believe I have to take everything - cereal for brkfast, sandwich stuff, and something for suppers.

The 'Canadian Customs' website says that no meats or animal products can be brought in. Does anyone know if this refers to packaged deli meats?

What should I take? It's very nice to look at gorgeous scenery, but if people are grouchy because they're hungry I don't think I'll enjoy myself very much! TIA
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Post  Tue, Jul 13 2010, 11:11 am
I can't comment on the Canadian border part, but these are the things we take on vacation thats very helpful:

1) Bumblebee salmon packs (they are flavored salmon) - there are also tuna packs (we don't eat them)
2) Idaho instant mashed potatoes - they have these small packages that are really great
3) Meal mart has non-refridgerated, double wrapped meals. You just need a microwave. They are very decent.
4) I don't know the company, but there is an Israeli company that makes flip top cans with eggplant, grape leaves, stuffed cabbage. They are very decent.
5) Couscous - add hot water and let sit. We were told we could get hot water from anywhere.
6) Loaf of bread and peanut butter.

We also go to a grocery store and load up on fresh fruits and veggies.
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Post  Tue, Jul 13 2010, 11:21 am
If you and your family like Indian food, you can stock up on Tasty Bite. Most of their selections are kosher. They come in foil packages (spicy veggies with or without dairy, and separate packages for rice). DH uses them all the time. They can be heated by boiling in a pan/hot pot, or heated in a microwave (wrapped accordingly). I believe Mea lMart also offers some pre-packaged meals that are self heating (not sure if there are any meatless ones).
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Post  Tue, Jul 13 2010, 11:22 am
Another idea is vacuum packing full or half meals. Check out if the takeouts in your area could do that. It works great.

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Post  Tue, Jul 13 2010, 11:27 am
Where are you staying? If you're in a hotel and there's time to change, you might want to look into a condo arrangement, especially if there is a gas stove. I stayed in such a place in the Canadian Rockies about 25 years ago, and it was great.
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Post  Tue, Jul 13 2010, 11:55 am
oatmeal packets
cup of soups
there are lots of milchig and pareve microwave meals in the freezer isles of kosher stores (and there are also some that do not have to be frozen) .
If you have a burner you can always bring a pot and make maccaroni and cheese.

Call and ask the rules for meat - we just traveled and brought vacum packed deli and grilled chicken cutlets. they didn't ask us at the border (and I didn't know)
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Post  Tue, Jul 13 2010, 2:02 pm
Packaged and labelled processed meat (and dairy) is permitted, so long as it's a product of the U.S.A. Raw foods are NOT permitted (not meat, not dairy, and not produce).

Furthermore, you don't indicate how you are travelling. If you're driving, many chain supermarkets carry a variety of products; most national brands have a hechsher of one sort or another (most reliable in Canada are Toronto-COR and Montreal-MK; lots of OU products too). Stop in a supermarket on your way up.
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Post  Tue, Jul 13 2010, 2:18 pm
bring a george foreman and buy fresh fish and grill it.
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Post  Tue, Jul 13 2010, 3:52 pm
If there is any sort of grocery/convenience store then there will likely be at least some OU or cor products, most cereals are kosher as well as other essentials. I've found kosher stuff in the most bizarre places while travelling!
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Post  Wed, Jul 14 2010, 2:14 pm
Thanks to all who responded with fabulous ideas.

I called the Canadian Consulate, who referred me to the Canadian Border Agency. I was told that packaged meats are ok; I just have to leave them in the commercial package. I can take a total of 5 kg of beef per person, 10 kg of chicken or turkey up to a total of 20 kg. per person. That's quite generous so I expect we'll be ok.

Last time I traveled, I bought vaccuum packed grilled chicken cutlets at Pomegranate. They were great and I hope to do the same this time. I will also incorporate some of your ideas.

Thanks again.
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