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Post  Mon, Oct 16 2006, 5:43 pm
My child is EXACTLY the same, very persistent, knows what he wants, hard time with transitions and new places until he is acclimatised.
However to our suprise he did get a label , on the Autistic Spectrum.
Yours probably has no other issues, mine had some speech delay, or more regression to some degree, noticable at 3 ish.
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Post  Mon, Oct 16 2006, 5:59 pm
I think this thread has become more unreasonable and hysterical with every post. amother has posted about a difficult child who seems to have a hard time accepting authority, especially when it's s/t
he did not expect or desire

to me, this seems like on ordinary child who is in need of a little tough love and all amother might need is to reestablish her position as the adult in the house who makes the decisions. especially since she writes:
My son is getting more difficult by the day

I imagine this matter should be addressed sooner rather than later. I find that once a child gets away with bad behavior and I let it go on, it becomes much more difficult to get back under control. In addition, I find that children who are always fighting to get their own way, end up being more miserable and unhappy in general. and once this is addressed, everything else falls into place.

I think it's irresponsible to diagnose amother's son with all kinds of conditions based on the little info she gave (though I know all posters meant well). why not simply give practical suggestions for dealing with a normal child who is proving to be somewhat challenging. posters can add a line at the end that says "maybe look into this disease, since such symptoms can be caused by that too" so amother has the information she needs, without being driven to hysteria. but not post after post about one ailment after another! micki's advice at the very beginning of this thread still seems the most reasonable to me. amother, why not give that a try first?
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Post  Mon, Oct 16 2006, 6:52 pm

I am in no way qualified to give a diagnosis to amother and I thought I clearly stated that if she feels she needs to go on to further help these are her options.

The reason why I post these options is because I had doctor after doctor tell me that my daughter will grow out of the behaviors she presented which are very similar to amothers son (I.e trouble transitioning, irrational outbursts, prolonged tantrum etc.) I pushed off getting her the help she really needed because I thought this was all normal.

I am in no way saying this isn't just a phase, which it may very well be, but if it's not and there is help out there why not be aware of it? I am so sure of mother's intuition and it seems as if amother has everything under control.

I think all posters meant well, and we were just sharing our emotional, long drawn out experiences and hoping to give the OP the heads up that we wish we had.

We just want to save someone else the frustration that we went through and I don't think that is unreasonable or hysterical.

Just wanted you to understand my position.
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Post  Mon, Oct 16 2006, 8:46 pm
My sentiments EXACTLY to busymom. I had everyone tell me, he is just being a "3 year old boy" and will get easier but it did not, infact the paediatrician involved normalised it all for me too, which ofcourse made it worse cause I waited when I should have been proactive just "INCASE".
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Post  Tue, Oct 17 2006, 4:50 pm
Would you want your doctor to suggest that every bump and ache is cancer, G-d forbid and ask you to check it out?
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Post  Tue, Oct 17 2006, 4:56 pm
I don't know if anyone for the last year has been reading my ranting posts about all the problems with my son.

But I hope I finally have an ending. I spoke to the pre-school director to ask what therapies my son should be getting (this is after she told me to put my son in a special school last year) and she said it was all a misunderstanding that the teacher from last year just wan't tough enough so there is nothing B'H wrong with my son after all. All the Agmos Nefesh that my family went thru was because of an inexperianced teacher.

No apologies just this is how it is and she said she'll keep in touch if she has anything to say. Rolling Eyes
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Post  Tue, Oct 17 2006, 7:59 pm
timeout, did I read that right? shock

(Boruch Hashem for good news.)
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Post  Tue, Oct 17 2006, 8:06 pm
Yeah but if he qualified for therapies there must be something more wrong. I wouldn't give up those therapies because it sounds to me like he might need it.
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Post  Tue, Oct 17 2006, 11:11 pm
I think the main point is that it doesn't hurt to check things out. Labels aren't important - what is important is that if a child is struggling with things he can't express and you can make it easier for him - wouldn't you?! Even if it is to give the mother peace of mind that all is OK. I personally wouldn't want to be dealing with 2 hour tantrums regularly - and trust me, we do pretty wild tantrums in our house so I'm not inexperienced!

Diagnosis is not about labeling - it should be about treating the symptoms. I personally hate the Aspergers/PDD/Autism labels - I have not yet met two children with those labels who are the 'same'. Treat symptoms - not labels! Right now this child sounds very frustrated - deal with it by examining all possibilities.
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Post  Wed, Oct 18 2006, 12:51 am
emes well said!!!!
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Post  Wed, Oct 18 2006, 10:36 am
I think 9i told u in the other thread about this that it sounded like the teacher wasnt a good one!!!!! shock id switch schools if I were u
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Post  Sun, Oct 22 2006, 7:04 pm
GR I didn't notice answers till now but Thanx yes you did hear right and everything B'H is going ok still. 3 months into the year and still holding my breath
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Mitzvah Giraffe


Post  Thu, Nov 02 2006, 9:34 pm
Someone posted something in a different thread about Feingold. She said it really helped with these issues. Maybe you can do a search for the post if you have not seen it.
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Post  Tue, Dec 12 2006, 10:33 am
I would look at that other thread before allowing any type of therapy done.
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