Easy yummy One Bowl / No Mixer cake and cookie recipes
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Post Sun, Feb 28 2021, 6:45 pm
Extra light olive oil works wonderfully in cakes and cookies.
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Post Sun, Feb 28 2021, 7:12 pm
mamaleh wrote:
Thanks Ra_Mom! I knew I could count on you to have the answer.

My girls are getting older & now that they bake they want more recipes. Our ingredients are very limited (but in different ways then many other people, so most recipes present issues for us).

We make tons of the 1-2-3 cookies every year. Some with nuts (almonds) and some with a combo of nuts & matzo meal so they are mezonos. We also make meringues (plain & w/ cinnamon sugar on top). We also make a gebrocts sponge cake that everyone loves.

Almond flour is a new ingredient for us (last year was the first time we got it), so I'm looking for new recipes. The choc chip squares from between carpools should work for us as brownies. She lists it as a variation. We don't use chocolate (but we do use cocoa) and I'll replace the oil (we only have olive) with applesauce.

(I'm really hoping these details don't out me, if anyone figures out who I am, please let me know)

Make the banana muffins and add 2-3 tbsp cocoa, skip the chocolate chips.
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Post Sun, Feb 28 2021, 7:24 pm
Thanks! (we don't use extra light, only reg EVOO from certain brands). Thanks for the muffin recommendation. I think we'll enjoy them.
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