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Post  Tue, Jun 12 2012, 4:02 pm

I have a lot of experience and I continuously read and listen to things that come out in business development/marketing. I am considering taking a business consulting course to ensure I have the theoretical knowledge as well.

As to services it would be three-fold:
1. helping new business create viable business plans, find financing etc. provide guidance
2. Business doctor - help businesses in the red
3. Business coaching - help people overcome personal limitations which prevent them from succeeding in their business

My concern is really is there a market? Sometimes a service is great but it's not right for a certain market (too advanced, ahead of the time, etc). What do you think?
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Post  Tue, Jun 12 2012, 7:05 pm
you could create a whole 12 month program around any one of those niches. I would focus on just ONE---- what is your specialty--- working with NEW biz owners, or STRUGGLING biz owners? Trying to be all things to all people would be really tough with that wide of a gap between programs. Just my opinion.

and yes, there's DEFINITELY a market! (says the gal who's now working with her second biz coach and doesn't plan on ever being WITHOUT a biz coach)
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