Plus Size Online Dressmaking Course - seems useful

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Dolly Welsh


Post  Mon, Jul 13 2015, 9:42 am
This is an online course that shows how to construct an accurate dress form of your body, to build garments on. Also how to adjust commercial patterns to fit your own measurements. I haven't taken it, or any of their courses. But my good-thing detector is twitching, so I thought I would mention it.


Might be useful for making a wedding gown. For that, use a matte fabric, not a shiny one, here.

These techniques could be useful for any size woman at all, not just plus size.
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Post  Mon, Jul 13 2015, 10:47 am
I'm not a sewer but I can see this being a very useful course. I wish designers would take this to heart!
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Dolly Welsh


Post  Mon, Jul 13 2015, 11:43 am

However, as each person is different, especially in how high up or how low down the natural waist is, these are useful life skills.

Sometimes you have to take charge and not wait for the designers. Like teachers, they can only address the average because that's where the numbers are.

We adjust recipes. So, this too. We like a nice fit for our own particular needs.

Very tall and very thin people might need to adjust patterns, too, with her techniques. Or anybody, really.

It's like going to FIT without going to FIT. For forty bucks.

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