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Post  Fri, Aug 11 2017, 4:39 pm
I recently bought a roll of arcade tickets for the purpose of using them for behavior rewards for a 6 and 4 year old. I even helped them make their own little containers for keeping their tickets and they are excited about the plan. Now I need to set the "currency". I'd like a mix of prizes- like 10 ticket prizes, 25 ticket prizes, etc. Maybe something big that they really want for 100 plus tickets. I need ideas for the smaller prizes. Like what should 10 tickets get them? What should 20 or 25 or 50 or whatever get? How many "levels" of prizes should I set? Also- no sticky hands (they just end up stuck to the ceiling) and preferably things the baby won't try to eat.
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Post  Sat, Aug 12 2017, 10:03 pm
Cool idea. Keep it simple. Ten tickets can be 15 minutes extra playtime at the park or on the iPad. 25 tickets can be invite a friend over to make/decorate cupcakes. 50 tickets can be for things you don't normally do like make a picnic lunch in the backyard. 100 tickets can be a trip to a fun place or special event like the lake or mini golf. I'm trying to think of "spending time together" and experiences rather than food or toy (material rewards) but you can also throw in small 5 ticket rewards like picking ice cream for dessert or a few dollars to spend in the dollar store.
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