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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 4:27 pm
I'm buying a bunch of new containers for toys and I'm between the sterilite with blue latches and the "our shoe box" from the container store.
Anyone have the container store ones for a while that can tell me about their quality? Are they strong enough to withstand kids at play?


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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 5:08 pm
The container store ones have a slightly better shape. I find that it makes a big difference.
Have mine for years- storing clothing. Full toy room used by wild boys and Other storage. Travelled with them etc never had one break.

They are only a little more pricey and u can get them in bigger packs for cheaper when ur doing a big overhaul (I did that now add as I go)
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 8:59 pm
The container store ones are great. Here's why:

1) They are sturdy. If they break then the store would replace them. Mine never broke yet and I have many for years that withstand daily stepping upon and rearranging lol.

2) Their shape makes them stackable. They are also proportionate, so two of the smaller ones can stack above a large one because they are half the size. This makes them great for stacking them as toy bins.

3) They are flat on top without latches or handles to make them bumpy and uneven.

4) They are not really contoured. Very straight edges so they fit neatly into spaces without wasting space.

5) They are consistent! They have been making the same bins for years. Whenever you go get more you will have the same exact ones there. Unlike some other brands that have different designs each year.

6) They are not that expensive. I actually buy a 20% off coupon on from someone on eBay (PM me if you want her contact) before I go to the store so they're even cheaper.

PS Buying the bulk package of bins doesn't really save you much. I didn't find them to be a significant saving over buying individual ones.

We use them for toys, clothing, plasticware, food storage (like cans and shelf-stable foods), and my husband uses them for tool storage in a van and garage. They withstand everything.
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:02 pm
I'm glad to hear the container store boxes are good. I saw them in the store and liked the neat look but they looked rather flimsy
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