Do they still make model's coats?

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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 9:25 pm
I don't go to stores much ... anywhere to get a long one on-line? I need s/t to throw on over a nightgown when it's too hot for a thick robe and there are sons-in-law in the house.
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:04 pm
I never heard that term before, but I see quite a few listed on Amazon. It looks like a model's coat is a nicer term for house coat.
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:12 pm
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:14 pm
The have them at online at ShopNational. Not all styles are tznius, and they're somewhat expensive, but I've purchased them and the quality is good. If you are near NY, you may find better deals in a brick-and-mortar store.

Edit: Lol! Cross-posted with SouthernBubby!
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:23 pm
The one I have says Peggy Barker. But that brand may not be around any longer (shows you how often I buy a robe : )

I'm finding either flanner or terry or fleece, or short sleeves or v necks. I guess I'll just have to ask my sister who lives in NY!
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:40 pm
Cotton zip up robe?
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:51 pm
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 11:03 pm
Thanks, all of you!
Jade, that one would be good if it were longer. I'm looking for ankle length.
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Post  Fri, Sep 14 2018, 5:52 am
The robe linked below is described by its customers as very lightweight. It is floor length and has long sleeves and a neck past the collarbone. It is a robe rather than a model's coat -- which I always think of as somewhat more structured than a robe, sort of the thing housewives wore on TV shows in the olden days -- but it has large buttons which I think makes it look a bit more dressed than a regular robe.

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Post  Fri, Sep 14 2018, 10:18 am
Go to eShakti, they are reasonably priced and they will make it exactly how you want it.
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