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Post  Fri, Sep 14 2018, 3:07 am
I work as a contractor for an american company in israel (computer programmer) and I get paid through an israeli company which provides that service and issues receipts to my employer. I have no contract with my employer other than an informal email detailing my terms. I work at home. I work a set number of hours a month for 2 years so far. I initially asked for more per hour, but they said this is all they can do. I don't get paid vacation or any benefits. I also lose a lot since I need to pay my own pension and bituach leumi on both sides. Its really hard not getting paid vacation or holidays. My question is how can I request to improve my terms without alienating my employer. I feel that I'm treated like a foreign worker (think india/poland/ukraine) when I'm giving a level of service comparable to that of a real employee. Any suggestions what to do about this (besides find a new job)?
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