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Post  Wed, Oct 03 2018, 11:06 pm
This is triggered from reading the superwoman thread.... I think if we can produce great tasting food with little effort, we can feel like superwoman.

I’ll start...
Chicken drumsticks- don’t need much cleaning- just a little washing off instead of cleaning chicken
I also buy canned potatoes and add to the drumsticks
Add spices and duck sauce and bake. In less than 5 minutes you created a good meal

I also buy “near east rice pilaf - original” and bake in a disposable pan instead of cooking rice and dirtying a pot... it comes with a spice packet so it’s always spiced right.

Tomato soup... pour a can of tomato juice into a pot with salt and sugar... add rice and cook

Or buy a box of organic imagine butternut squash soup - pour into a pot add salt and pepper and heat up

And nothing wrong with buying some bagel sandwiches sometimes for supper... very filling

Looking forward to more shortcuts...
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Post  Wed, Oct 03 2018, 11:10 pm
Today I did a quick dinner and everybody was happy.

Sautéed a diced onion with dark ground chicken. Seasoned it with chicken seasoning. Then stuffed the chicken mixture into whole wheat pitas with techina, sliced tomatoe and shredded lettuce. It was a protein, veggie and starch all in one. And I heated up pea soup I had in the freezer.

It took less than 10 min. to prepare and serve. (The chicken needed to cook about 20 min or so.
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Post  Wed, Oct 03 2018, 11:54 pm
Stews for dinner or a hearty vegetable barely meat soup

Fake fried chicken nuggets- in a 9x13 line parchment paper and chicken cut into small nuggets. Pour a lot of cornflake or Panko crumbs season with paprika salt parsley, honey and or hot sauce. Drizzle well with oil. Bake 375’ 15 minuets. Mix add oil and honey and bake another 15 minutes or until crispy. It’s very versatile- play with different flavors- more sweet, more spicy, different coating ect.

I make lotus bars by hand. Make the dough in the tin I bake it in so no mess. Takes minutes. Super yummy. (Too lazy to get the recipe but if you want it I’ll post tomorrow).

Shabbos night- soup- veggies cut up and ready soup vegetables. Add bag of chicken and matzo balls from a mix. Yummy. I make a big Moroccan fish with lots of vegetables and it’s a full meal.
Day is cholent and chicken nuggets, store bought dips and easy salads

I keep my freezer well stocked with ready bags of cut chicken (big sizes and small), all types of meats, meatballs, burgers ect all clearly
labeled. Makes dinner prep a lot easier.

I don’t have time to start making snacks in the morning. I buy for my son lots of pretzel bags and veggies straws that I pre bag, the squeeze applesauces, cheese sticks, and any snacks that’s good to go. For myself I like vegetables but I don’t having time to cut them so I mainly take cherry tomatoes with a few olives, baby carrots ect. I keep the snacks by the water bottles so I don’t forget to take one.
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Post  Sun, Oct 21 2018, 4:27 pm
somewhat related- What temp do ppl cook their potato kugels at? Mine always takes 2 hours at 375 and I'm scared to burn the top if I raise it
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Post  Sun, Oct 21 2018, 4:30 pm
MalkyG wrote:
somewhat related- What temp do ppl cook their potato kugels at? Mine always takes 2 hours at 375 and I'm scared to burn the top if I raise it

425 for 1 hour. Beautiful brown color on top.
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Post  Sun, Oct 21 2018, 4:31 pm
Frozen chopped onions

Peeled and cubed sweet potatoes or squash or whatever other vegetable I’m using. Same with garlic cloves.
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Post  Sun, Oct 21 2018, 5:38 pm
I make 2 quick soups

Pumpkin Soup
2 cans pumpkin purée
2 cans of milk or soy/almond/etc. milk
Salt and pepper to taste
Pump kin seeds for garnish

Vegetable soup
2 packs Frozen Gumbo Soup veg
2 cans fire roasted diced tomatoes with liquid
Consume soup powder or salt and pepper to taste.

If you want you can add a starch to this and cook till starch is completely cooked. Sometimes I add oatmeal, cooks really fast

These soups take literally a few minutes
Heat and serve
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Post  Thu, Nov 01 2018, 9:14 pm
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Post  Fri, Nov 02 2018, 12:53 am
Lasagna - no need to cook the noodles first. I've done this with whole wheat and brown rice noodles too. Just layer the noodles, sauce cheese and vegetables (optional), pour in 1/2 cup water around the sides and bake at 350 for hour.
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