When’s the right time-if I’m due in a few weeks.

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Post  Sun, Nov 04 2018, 1:22 pm
So my daughter is 28 months old. She tells me every so often for the past few weeks “mommy I need to pee” I just reply “ okay” And she Takes her pants off and runs to the bathroom. She doesn’t actually sit onto it. After a minute or two she’s out and yells “I finished” . I guess her friends in school are being toilet trained and she thinks it’s cool. She’s been doing this more frequently and sounds pretty ready for toilet training.
My issue. I’m due in the end of December Bezras Hashem and wondering how it’ll affect her. On one hand I’m getting “don’t train until after your baby”. “You’ll regret it”. “She’ll go back to square one, she’ll need to be toilet trained all over again” people are telling me that leaving a child by someone else’s house when she is newly trained isn’t smart since the whole change might just cause her to have accidents etc...
but on the other hand Im sure my sister would much rather have my daughter for the time after my Baby if she was toilet trained.
If I don’t end up doing it NOW then I’d probably have to wait another few months until my baby blues disappear. It could take me a few months to get out of it.
From you experience or just from a different perspective, what would you suggest I do?
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Post  Sun, Nov 04 2018, 1:37 pm
If your child is showing signs of interest in being trained, I would just do it now. Don't deal with future 'what ifs' situations. If a setback occurs, you'll deal with it then.
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Post  Sun, Nov 04 2018, 1:44 pm
I would do it now. Perfect timing.
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Post  Sun, Nov 04 2018, 11:55 pm
Try now. I can't imagine trying to train a child with a newborn or infant at home. It seems so much easier now. Just try and see if she's ready. If not then wait.
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Post  Mon, Nov 05 2018, 12:24 am
I actually would wait. Does not sound like she is necessarily ready just because it’s in her radar and why would Anyone want to deal with a newly trained 2 year old? Diapers are just so much simpler. And how will you keep it up newly post partum. Give it a few months until you’re feeling up to it and the older age will probably go easier anyway.
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