Dd age 12 upper lip hair

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Post  Thu, Mar 14 2019, 7:00 pm
so dd has a noticeable amount of hair on her upper lip. when she asked for it, took her for first waxing there. its been only 2 WEEKS and its all grown back already! when I wax it takes 2 months to grow back. she is "hairier" in general like on her arms/legs, and her eyebrows are very thick.
so I'm wondering if I should start with something like electrolysis which is more permanent. I don't want her to have to deal with waxing every 2 weeks for the rest of her life. anyone do electrolysis from such a young age? are there any safety concerns? and is it worth it? (I only started electrolysis in 11th grade). (I don't want to do laser since I heard that its not that effective for facial hair.).
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Post  Thu, Mar 14 2019, 7:08 pm
If she's up for electrolysis, that's the way to go.
Get a numbing cream script from her doctor and have her go for a 2 min session so she can decide if she's ready for it.
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Post  Thu, Mar 14 2019, 7:21 pm
Me and my sisters were all very hairy at that age. After fluctuating quite a bit during teen years, marriage and pregnancy, we all were settled down in our early to mid 20s.
One sister who had it the worst did laser as a teen. It was great--until she was pregnant with her first. After that pregnancy tho, it settled down the same as the rest if ours.
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