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Post  Fri, Jul 12 2019, 1:24 am
Okay I procrastinated enough and it’s time for me to get a new state ID now that I’m married. I still have my maiden name, but the only thing that changed is my address and that I’m wearing a shaitel. I know I have to bring proof that I live at my current address (no problem...) but I’m nervous about the shaitel thing. So it’s a thing that I have to show my ears and my full face I think? But I have only one shaitel that I wear everyday and it’s short (chin length) and it has bangs that go to the side but covers one side of my forehead. I also cover all my hair, well I try, but sometimes I have noticed that a few strands do stick out and I have to shove them in and it’s hard haha.
Would they give me a problem with me wearing a shaitel? Surely they must deal with plenty of Jews who wear shaitels?? Sad
And if they will, how would I be able to fix it?
Would they make me take it off??
- nervous wreck
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Post  Fri, Jul 12 2019, 1:25 am
I didn’t have any issues whatsoever
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Post  Fri, Jul 12 2019, 1:32 am
I only wear tichels, and for my last passport renewal (done in NY), I had to sign a paper that I cover my hair for religious reasons.
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