Are you happy with how your school teaches English reading?

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Post  Thu, Oct 10 2019, 8:37 am
How does your childrens' school go about teaching children pre-reading skills and then teaching children to read English and improve reading fluency?

What kind of curriculum does the school use?

Does the school expect parents to teach certain things at home?

What does the school expect kids to have mastered, if anything, by the beginning of kindergarten?

What support does the school offer struggling readers?

I read the below articles recently, which spun me off into a whole lot more reading about the debates on different approaches. And then also made me start looking at the reading curricula of public schools in my area. I then got to wondering where frum schools fall.

I'll share what my school does too, when I have a little more time.

P.S. this is not for an article, just my own curiosity, although this is a public forum. Anon because I've been talking about this IRL and sharing these articles.



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Post  Thu, Oct 10 2019, 10:03 am
kindergarten id the grade before 1st or the grade before that? different schools call different thinks kindergarten.

I've never been "expected" to teach at home but I've taught the abc's at home. I think end of kindergarten is more of a cutting off point, possibly 1st grade in terms of being able to read.
my kids went to two different schools for 4 year olds. One taught ABC's. The other was montessouri and she was reading simple books by the end of 4 year olds.

I wish the mainstreamed school had taught my older dd how to read younger since she was ready. was fine with the montessouri school. the one who went to montessourri switched to a "regular" school this year and I feel that she is being adequately challenged. My kids don't struggle with reading so I might have a different perspective.

Some schools focus on kriya first and only do english reading afterwards. not sure what age. haven't sent to such a school.

I don't think the schools my kids went to are "failing", it might depend on the type of "frum".
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Post  Thu, Oct 10 2019, 10:05 am
B"H all the kids (boys and girls) are excellent readers.
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Post  Thu, Oct 10 2019, 10:16 am
Girls yes. boys leaves a lot to be desired...
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Post  Thu, Oct 10 2019, 10:34 am
I use to teach K.
We taught mostly phonics, a little bit of Whole Language.
We used the Primary Phonics reading series.
This system was used individually based.
In other words, as soon as the child was ready we introduced them to the series.
The child would read with the Morah the first 5 pages, and then take it home. At home, he needed to read the entire book, 15 pages, two times before he can receive the next book. It did not need to be read in 1 sitting, 5 pages at a time was fine.
The child can only move on to first grade if he was able to master the first set. If not, it is recommended to have summer tutoring, or to repeat K.

The way we would assess the child is that he had to know the name and sounds of all the letters, out of order.


We had many students complete all 5 sets, reading level of 2nd grade, and ready to read chapter books.
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Post  Thu, Oct 10 2019, 10:53 am
My kids' school (I've only had 2 go through this Kindergarten though -- 3 went to different schools but all learned to read on their own so I didn't really pay attention to curriculum, and 1 went to a Montessori track) expects some recognition of ABCs by Kindergarten, but not fluency, and in Kindergarten, they do Letterbooks and Phonics and have sight word lists. They test 3x/year with a nationally normed test to see progress in individual students and identify those who need more intervention, and Title I services are offered to those who qualify.

I can't really comment how well it does or doesn't work on a personal level, because of my 6 kids who went to first grade, 5 of them were reading way, way, way above their peers so I don't know how much of it was school-propelled. The other one is "average" and didn't go through this curriculum, and he has what will be probably diagnosed as a learning disability as he gets older...I am not sure if he would have done better with that reading curriculum or not, but it's all good.
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