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Post  Mon, Nov 11 2019, 6:10 am
My two youngest are five years apart
8 year old boy
3 year old girl

I only now realize how my older children had each other
It is becoming increasingly hard with these two

They don't have playmates/company in-house

I'm a working mom, wife to a mentally/emotionally challenged husband
who doesn't have patience for chit-chat and relationship building
which would be needed to get play dates or to entertain them myself much Sad

Any non computer game/video ideas how to occupy them in the afternoons weekday and shabbos will be very appreciated
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Post  Mon, Nov 11 2019, 6:22 am
I have the same with my dd . Shes 10 . She has a bother 5 years older and a brother 5 years younger.
I try to make time to play games with her . We also signed her up for swimming and another after school program. She still complains that she is bored so we just signed her up for a 5 week course once a week which will hopefully start very soon .

We have a strict rule of no computer games or watching.
She likes to go to friends or invite them over but we dont allow it on school days when it just gets too hectic .

Do you have a local library ? She loves reading . She also recently got a new pen pal which keeps her busy

Basically ... lots of activities to keep her out of her boredom and complaining !!!
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Post  Mon, Nov 11 2019, 6:36 am
For the 8 year old- Legos, comic books, a soccer ball and net.

3 is harder. Dolls, magnatiles, menchies, simple puzzles. But at that age they really want and need interaction.
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Post  Mon, Nov 11 2019, 6:43 am
My 3 year old is on her own in the family. But she does very well entertaining herself - but it’s probably a personality. What about rotating toys ,puzzles and books. And pullling our diff games for her.
For your 8 yr old what about large puzzle. I buy a few for the winter. Leave in a very public spot. I find ppl seem to give it a few minutes here and there’re and it becomes a bonding experience.
Would you let your son in the kitchen. He can peel or try to bake a basic recipe
Both kids can really help like with supper prep or baking.
For 8 yr old I would do play dates during the week with neighborhood kids.
Also what about a sports league for him in the winter to get out some energy - like indoor basketball.
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Post  Mon, Nov 11 2019, 7:41 am
My son is 9 and my daughter is three. They love playing together. They jump on beds, do pretend play, fight each other with pretend swords etc.. My son on his own plays a lot with little lego (He has a few hundred dollars worth) and my daughter plays with her dolls and doll carriages/crib. We do have a ton of toys that we bought over the years (cars, clics, magna tiles etc..) and my little one enjoys coloring books, do dot markers, stickers.
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