Please help w/ Pesach food in israel

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Post  Tue, Feb 18 2020, 9:07 am
Hi guys. Going to a relatives apartment in Israel for pesach. What is the food situation there? What food can I buy kosher le pesach in israel (not gebrokts not kitniyos). What should I bring from home? Does anyone know a caterer or a frum lady that will cook for me? What’s open ON pesach food wise. is there kosher for pesach take out? Where can I rent a fridge?
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Post  Tue, Feb 18 2020, 9:27 am
Hi. First of all, it would probably help if you tell us where you'll be staying. That will change the food situation. Also, do you know what hechsherim you eat here?
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Post  Tue, Feb 18 2020, 9:55 am
Good points. Old city. Whatever hechsherim your typical yeshivish American eats. Lol
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Post  Tue, Feb 18 2020, 10:05 am
So in that case, yes there is tons of kosher l'pesach food in Yerushalayim. I'm sure there are people here who have more specific details but in general, all of the supermarkets have tons of kosher l'pesach food. There are restaurants and take aways that are kosher l'pesach, and I know there are people who cook for people. I hope someone has more specific details for you. Does your relative's apartment not have a fridge?
Edited to add: You do have to be careful when buying food that it is kitniyot free, everything should be marked but it something you have to remember to check.
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Post  Tue, Feb 18 2020, 10:13 am
All major supermarkets are kosher l'Pesach.

If you have additional requirements (more chumradik hecsherim, for example), you'll need to check labels.

For those who do not eat kitniyot, you'll need to check labels for "le'lo chashash kitniyot" on the kashrut stamp.
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Post  Tue, Feb 18 2020, 10:21 am
The Badatz hechsher is always no kitniyot, not sure about gebrochts.
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