Alopecia areata and the SCD diet???
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Post  Tue, Feb 25 2020, 9:50 am
amother [ Beige ] wrote:
I’m guessing for life.
But I daven that Hashem should help us figure out the root cause - similar to how celiac was solved.

(It’s interesting because I have a nephew with celiac and he davens to take medicine so he can eat gluten. So those who have a proven restrictive diet sometimes prefer meds over diet)
That's what people mean when they say addressing the symptoms. Yes, the drugs take down inflammation, but they are not addressing why that inflammation is happening in the first place. So as soon as you come off the drugs, the inflammation will come right back. A diet like scd will address why the inflammation is happening and heal the gut.

I am NOT judging your decision at all... I respect the route that each person decides to take.

Of course kids (and some adults) prefer to take medication rather than going on a restrictive diet. To them it seems like the easy solution. But then there are the side effects to deal with, like the increased risk of infection etc... That is not a walk in the park either.
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Post  Tue, Feb 25 2020, 10:34 am
amother [ Beige ] wrote:
I was told by a few drs that SCD could not heal her severe inflammation. My daughter had not grown in 2 years. Only removing all food completely could do that.

The statistics about not having flare ups on SCD are not great. It works but not always.
When dealing with a child and growth and puberty it just isn’t worth it to play games.

(Do you know anyone on SCD fully healed for years. I know many but everyone had had flare-ups and set backs - or still spends an hour every morning on the toilet but say their better because more under control. Many still take remicade on top of scd diet. )

Did you ask those doctors how much research they did on SCD? I'm pretty sure close to none did. Where are these statistics that you're seeing about flare ups? Can we compare the statistics on flare ups to the statistics of flare ups of people on medicine?

How does a medicine like humira (or remicade or other similar meds) effect a child as s/he grows? How is a person effected by being on lifetime immune-supressing medication?

For some some people, taking medicine is not enough and for some a diet is not enough. Every person's body is different. But it's undeniable that a healthy body, fed healthy food, will be stronger and more 'well' than a body being fed chemicals, processed foods, sugars, etc.

SCD is not easy. Being sick is not easy. They payoff of feeling well and often being medication-free, as well, is worthwhile for MANY people who give this diet a fair chance.
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