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Post Sun, Mar 15 2020, 7:52 pm
Last Updated: Motzei Shabbos, 23 Av 5782

Please post on this thread, I will bli neder update with new resources. Please include a brief description of what it is and its educational value. Thanks!
NOTE: I am going to stick to more general resources in this post, instead of specific PDFs or videos etc. Still do post specific links, they will just go on a different post.

Sites with links to many other resources; many of those resources are listed here as well

CH Yeshiva Resources - A list of resources by Crown Heights Yeshivas - includes printables and links to many resources, plus daily online classes

Torah Umesorah's Preschool Site - includes a virtual Mommy and Me, and many other useful resources!

CKids Website - resources for the basics, including a LIVE Hebrew School program!

Anash.org Resource List - Another post with resources and ideas, some Pesach-specific

The Yeshiva World Activity List - links, game ideas, and more! (Not all Jewish)

OU Synagogue Resources - search by Parsha name for parsha-related info and activities for all ages, and printable kids newsletters

Sites with numerous materials available for print (moving specific items to another post)

Chinuch.org - a very wide range of educational material. Only downside is there is A LOT to sift through! Registration required.

Kinderblast - free weekly printable related to the parsha or Yom Tov, usually coloring, sometimes mystery pictures

Walder Education Pavilion - high-quality posters and educational materials you can print at home

Torah Tots - educational Pesach materials - games, coloring, etc.

JewishHomeschool - a large collection of printable activity and coloring packs for young children, organized by topic - by an experienced and creative homeschooling mom!

Pirchei Pages - Parsha Packets - the best part is the really tough questions at the end (answers provided fortunately!).


Jewish Bedtime Stories - tons of educational stories available for free listening or paid download

The Living Sidrah (PAID) - Haggadah Audio now available FREE lizchus Chaim Levi ben Chana Priva for a Refuah Sheleimah! Well-researched and well-presented content by Rabbi Levi Goldstein, including the fascinating Living Sidrah parsha series, A Journey Through the Haggadah, and classic stories by Uncle Yossi

Rabbi Burston (PAID) - exciting, entertaining and educational stories by Rabbi Burston, many available for instant purchase online, a few available free

Torah Anytime Kids - downloadable stories (with video option) for kids! I specifically recommend Rabbi Maimon Elbaz - a charismatic and entertaining educator; Rabbi Gedalya Glatt - well-spoken storyteller with beautiful Middos lessons; and Rabbi Eli Scheller - a teacher who shares great stories and mashalim in an amusing way

Sefer Hamitzvos for Small Children - Short daily audio class on the daily Sefer Hamitzvos geared for preschoolers

Chitas for Kids - Daily 20-minute audio shiur on the Chumash, Tehillim, Tanya, etc. of the day, plus a halacha, insight in Tefillah, and Moshiach thought (also available as an app or podcast) - now with a daily online quiz

Shmuel Kunda (PAID) - the classic Rabbi Kunda stories you remember as a child, including The Longest Pesach, and the When Zaidy Was Young series!

A Maggid's Market (PAID) - Jewish audiobooks, including biographies of Rashi, Rambam, Ramban and many more!

A Maggid's Market STORY HOUR - Free full-length audiobook to listen to online! (changes periodically)

Stories With Geshmak (SOME PAID) - stories for kids with meaningful messages, told by Rabbi Shmuel Aron Kleiner. Many are available as FREE MP3 downloads!

StoryGroup with Rebbetzin Esther Lerner - tens of fascinating stories that are great for all ages!

Torah Recordings - recorded classes, many given given by a father to his child, on a variety of areas in the basics of Yiddishkeit and halacha

Rabbi Juravel's Parsha Tyme - the incredible Rabbi Juravel's parsha tapes, available online for free! (Registration to Shabbat.com required)

Jewish Kids Stories and Songs on Amazon Music - If you have an Amazon Music subscription, these are free to listen to!

Kids' Book Recordings - audiobooks of many popular Jewish children's books. (NOTE: As the publishers may not have given explicit permission for this, ask your Rav if you may listen to a book you do not already own.)


Kol Yaldei Yisroel - Kids phone hotline with learning and educational material - English and Yiddish, stories and songs - USA: (718) 682-2632 (other country numbers in post below)

Jewish Bedtime Stories - number to hear educational and interesting true stories, by Rabbi Shneur Phillips - 718-682-2777

WonderWords - Shmiras Halashon stories and contests - 718-305-6960

Kol Haloshon - 718-521-5231 Option #6 for kids

Pirchei Hotline - 718-663-0212

Circle Magazine Hotline - 347-996-5437

Mishna Rishona - Mishnayos hotline with Rabbi Fishel Shachter - 929-299-6700


Chabad.org Kids site many educational videos, a few games, stories, audio, and a Mah Nishtana trainer

Torah Games - Simple but fun educational games on Kriyah, Shoroshim, Alef Beis, etc.

DahBear - simple flashcard-style games using word lists, many lists available on Hebrew vocabulary, letters, etc.

JITap - simple educational games organized by subject - includes Pesach, Hebrew reading, and others. Most are Judaism-related, some are not.

Gemara Academy - slideshows with color-coding and other aids to make Gemara learning easy and understandable

Chitrik Academy youtube channel - Khan Academy-style shiurim on Mishnayos, fun to watch and very clear!

Rabbi B youtube channel - entertaining and educational videos for young children with Rabbi B!

Parsha Puppet Shows - Fun parsha shows with Rabbi Avraham Wagshul. Sign up to be notified when new episodes are posted.

Nigri Online School (PAID) - Live interactive online classes, Hebrew School, Day School, Conversational Hebrew, or Bar Mitzvah lessons by a school that has been doing this for years

Uncle Pinchey - fun educational puppet shows by the Small Wonder Puppet Theater - temporarily free to watch!

Torah Treasure (PAID) - a huge collection of entertaining Jewish videos with tochen available to stream at any time for the cost of an annual subscription

Living Torah / Torah Museum Videos (PAID) - Educational videos available for rent - includes titles like Animals of the Beis Hamikdash, The Story of Pesach, and Meleches Hamishkan

Parsha Puzzler - Animated parsha videos and animated "game shows" to test comprehension

Yid Flix (PAID) - the Agent Emes series (also included in Torah Treasure) - watch the series for a low monthly subscription fee - entertaining and exciting videos with positive messages

Oorah videos - some educational, all entertaining videos! Temporarily all free to watch.

TorahLive - Very professional and fascinating video learning courses on many subjects - registration required.

Aleph Beta - Animated professional videos with deep content - temporarily free access, registration required.

The Animated Talmud - An amazing and entertaining introduction to Gemara - animated videos

Kriah Evaluation - Free online tool to see where a child is having trouble with Kriyah


Shazak Parsha (PAID) - entertaining audio parsha classes, fun interactive coloring (works GREAT on iPad)

Gemara Tutor (PAID) - simple games to teach and practice Gemara terms and concepts

Hebrew Tutor (PAID) - simple games to teach and reinforce over 1000 basic Hebrew words used in Tanach and in conversation

TorahGames (FREE) - Android only - Several TorahGames.org games available offline as apps on your device!


Otzar Hachochma - VAST site with numerous seforim, including current in-print seforim of all kinds. Free for now!

Sefaria - incredible text access to all parts of Torah, many with translation, commentaries linked throughout

Mercava - another immersive and unbelievable way of accessing seforim in plain text online, with a beautiful book page layout and highlighting and annotation

HebrewBooks - tens of thousands of Jewish books and reference works scanned in their entirety, available to browse online or download as PDFs. Most are Hebrew, there are a few English books as well.

Torah.org - articles and explanations on a wide variety of Torah concepts

Aish - comprehensive site with articles and series on many aspects of Judaism, including a Jewish History crash course, Judaism 101, and articles on many current events

Chabad.org - Jewish megasite, including full text and side-by-side translation of Tanach and many complete books on topics ranging from Jewish History to to Kabbalah


Torah Cafe - High-quality video lectures on a wide variety of topics and lengths

Aish Academy - Full courses on a variety of beginner and advanced topics

Night Seder America - Popular LIVE Gemara Zoom class that attracts hundreds of boys! Exciting presentation, raffles, and more!

NCSY Bekiut - Gemara learning program with regular shiurim, tests, and cash prizes. Boys and girls attend separate Zoom shiurim, but cover same material.

Chabad.org Courses - Full courses on a variety of topics (for teens I specifically recommend the courses by Michael Chighel - television-quality motion graphics, and a highly entertaining and informative way of teaching, such as Scroll Down)

NCSY Online Schedule - Live classes and lectures, including cooking shows and other entertainment!

FREE Artscroll Sefer! - Artscroll is offering a FREE sefer download to your device, making it much easier to tackle a new learning project!

Chayenu - free 3-month trial of Chayenu App on your device, accessible text-based daily learning with English translations and explanations

SoulWords - site by Rabbi Shais Taub - audio, video, and text with his inimitable way of tackling issues head-on

Stump the Rabbi - tough questions by teens, with answers! Audio addressing many issues (some Chabad-specific)

TheYeshiva.net - video classes by Rabbi YY Jacobson - great perspectives, easy-to-listen style of speech

Torah Media (some paid) - MP3 lectures on many areas of Judaism, including Rabbi Landis' amazing Jewish History series

Rabbi Berel Wein - (PAID) - Rabbi Berel Wein's site, with fascinating lectures primarily on Jewish History

Torah Skills - low-tech courses on subjects like Navi, Rashi, etc.

Trop training online by Chabad.org - learn to read the Torah, haftorah, or Megillah!

11213 - Lecture site for teens by Rabbi Manis Friedman (some lectures Chabad-specific)

Deracheha - Halachic topics pertaining to women. Detailed source sheets for all the tough questions!
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Post Sun, Mar 15 2020, 8:16 pm
Preschool activity packs
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Post Sun, Mar 15 2020, 8:18 pm
Coloring books
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Post Sun, Mar 15 2020, 9:30 pm
Thank you, updated!
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Post Sun, Mar 15 2020, 9:45 pm
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Post Sun, Mar 15 2020, 10:00 pm
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Post Sun, Mar 15 2020, 10:29 pm
Torah.org (for different level shiurim on different subjects ,parsha, halacha etc )
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Post Sun, Mar 15 2020, 10:39 pm
Has ela, math sheets for all grades.
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 12:42 am
Updated with many additional resources, please feel free to suggest more or a better way to categorize.
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 1:02 am
Thank you so much! Are you in Israel? Or US and can’t sleep?
These resources are fantastic. Now we just need the students to cooperate.
I’m really excited to be doing this. Is that weird?
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 1:50 am
Thank you!!
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 4:21 am
Applause Not worthy Thumbs Up
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 4:31 am
Thank you! These are great!
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 6:15 am
othergoose.com has a free 3-week trial filled with activities and other things to do at home with children.
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 6:25 am
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 6:47 am
Free phone hotline

English and Yiddish sections

For all ages: very young - stories and songs
Older/Teenagers/Adults - shiurim and niggunim

Kol Yaldei Yisroel

USA: 7186822632 (use access code: 101)
Jerusalem: 02-372-10-87
Montreal: 1-438-800-3731
Toronto: 1-647-694-1955
Winnipeg: 1-204-809-4974
London: 0203-514-8094
Manchester: 0161-768-1405
Sydney: 02-8310-4566
Melbourne: 03-9001-0198

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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 7:04 am
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 9:25 am
Updated, thanks for all the suggestions!

Note that I did not include the secular / not specifically kodesh-related resources here, I'll leave someone else to put that post together!
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 10:16 am
Amazing!! Thank you 😊
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Post Mon, Mar 16 2020, 1:48 pm
Updated again. If you have more ideas or other links that were helpful to you, please share!
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