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Post  Sun, Apr 05 2020, 12:11 am
So I’ll start with a list of questions I need tips for. Feel free to add your questions.

Fell free to add tips.

For those with a Range of kids at home and not much schooling (mine are ages toddler through teen and have very little call-in school).

- when do you take time to plan learning, schedules, meals etc.

When do you cook

When do you do other things around the house

When do you have your own quiet time

I must squeeze in some work time. When?

Any items you use that help: billetin boards, whiteboard etc?
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Post  Sun, Apr 05 2020, 12:47 am
I cook when I must. And only super-simple foods. Pasta & scrambled eggs. Frozen french fries. Pasta & meat sauce. Baked ziti. Kids can make their own sandwiches for lunch. They can make their own oatmeal or cereal & milk for breakfast. (I help the youngest kids only.) I do not cut salads during the week. I do not peel vegetables during the week. I use cans and frozen. I do not cook food that needs babysitting. I only cook food that can be placed in a pot or oven and left for a specific period of time.

I have quiet time after the kids go to sleep. It's not enough. That's why I stay up late and destroy the next day. (Sorry, not much of a tip, right?)

I work at night or at random times during the day, but it always takes twice as long if I do it with kids around.
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Post  Sun, Apr 05 2020, 12:48 am
So much disposable! I don't have time to wash dishes right now, but I feel very guilty about all the plastic leaving my home Hiding
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Post  Sun, Apr 05 2020, 12:51 am
Do you have to teach? Or can you leave it up to the schools
If it’s the schools can you just let go?

- kids help with other kids. Take on walks. Think up activities. Can teach parsha. Make projects.
- breakfast and lunch most elementary age kids can handle
- have a clean up chart. Every day have to make beds and spend 5 min cleaning room. Then daily cleanup job - like 7-10 min. Straighten up rooms. Vacuum. Etc. weekly job schedule. Friday more jobs for Shabbos.
- easy suppers
- no me time accept late at night - like now.
- excersize together
- I have to work 7 hrs. So I work and they do schoolwork and try to stay safe.
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Post  Sun, Apr 05 2020, 12:55 am
I think this whole situation is insane for us working mothers. Used to be, we had to have the kids (pregnancy+birth), work, and more or less run the house depending on the degree of help we got. Now we have to do all those things (if we're still working) AND be teachers/entertainment committee? Sorry, no. I say pick 2. But maybe some of you are superwomen. I definitely am not Banging head
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