Kishke recipe by weight

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Post  Sun, May 31 2020, 5:26 pm
I like making my kishke mostly from vegetables (carrot, celery, onion).
However I'm finding there's such a huge variation between large carrots (two small ones?), one stalk of celery (how about if I want to use up the little pieces in the middle? how many). And let's not even start talking about onion sizes.

I finally got to making the gluten free kishke I was wanting to try since Pesach (erev YT being the first time I actually got my food processor dirty while shredding veg for soup) but I'm not thrilled with the consistency.

(And that's after the veg mixture was so watery I ended up spilling out a lot of liquid, and who knows how much oil & onion flavor that subtracted!)

So now what I'm thinking is many recipes go by weight (institutional quantities for sure but I think I've also seen European or Israeli recipes listed that way.)

So if anyone has that type of recipe to contribute I would much appreciate. Definitely the vegetable type please!
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chocolate moose


Post  Mon, Jun 01 2020, 9:48 am
I also make kishka that way - mostly from vegetables - but I'm thinking to go more oil/flour for consistency.
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Post  Mon, Jun 01 2020, 10:39 am
Here’s my Kishke recipe by weight: if your weight is above 225, you don’t get any Kishke.
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andrea levy


Post  Mon, Jun 01 2020, 10:43 am
I don’t have a recipe but do know how to cook.
1. Anything gluten free does not hold together the way flour does. Coconut flour absorbs more liquid than let’s say almond flour but rice flour behaves completely differently than both the others.
2. You need solid fat to get that great store texture.
3. Cooking the veg in oil gets rid of the water, caramelizes a bit and makes it more predictable

I have a friend that’s been chasing his hubby’s recipe for twenty years
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Post  Mon, Jun 01 2020, 1:08 pm
I am in Canada where we use grams and kilos for weight measures and millilitres and litres for liquids. It is more precise, especially when baking.

I keep notes for metric measurements and this may help --

*A carrot between 5.5" - 7.25" is considered a medium carrot. Weight of medium carrots should be between 50-72 grams

*1 medium celery stalk is usually 49 - 56 grams

*1 medium onion is 110-120 g
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Post  Mon, Jun 01 2020, 3:47 pm
malki2 wrote:
Here’s my Kishke recipe by weight: if your weight is above 225, you don’t get any Kishke.

Good joke!!! LOL
(You're being generous with 225!!)
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Post  Mon, Jun 01 2020, 4:32 pm
Okay, Andrea, I hear you. One recipe did say to sautee the onion but hey, I am not willing to go that far really. I supposed I could roast the veg with oil to caramelize but honestly I think it's all too much work...

Do you have a precise recipe you can share? I am willing to try coconut flour...
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