When "Mazel Tov" Hurts

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Post  Mon, Jun 29 2020, 11:51 am
“If you listen closely, you can still hear her cries…”

In the little Israeli village of Shunem near Afula sits the home of the Isha HaShunamis, famous from the story of Elisha HaNavi, who sent his servant to visit her home. Elisha gave the woman a bracha to have children, and her prayers were answered.

Since then the house has had an illustrious history of gedolim & their followers praying at its walls, with many telling stories of miracles. In previous years, Rav Chaim Kanievsky has visited the Isha HaShunamis, crying out to the Heavens behalf of those longing for children. Yearning for children is a common phenomenon, and each of us knows someone who has struggled to conceive. This year, the Rav is sending his talmid - a Gadol in his own right - Rav Shimon Galai.

Rav Galai will be praying at the kever, taking time to pray carefully for each couple, that they should receive the immeasurable gift of a family. Rav Galai has dedicated many of his hours to selflessly collecting money for Kupat Ha’Ir, so that impoverished families can have what they need to survive.

As the cries float in on the breeze at peaceful yet desolate home of the Isha HaShunamis, the listener must wonder … Whose cries are they? Are they her ancient cries, or echoes of something more recent - those of the members of klal yisroel who today, in 2020, are longing to be parents?

Are they the cries of the rabbanim who gather there to pray for their congregants or, perhaps, are they the cries of families too poor to put food on the table?

Readers can donate here to wipe their tears, and - with the power of blessing - bring us all closer to a brighter future.


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