Dr for Craniosynostosis - anyone has a great one??
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Post  Mon, Aug 03 2020, 7:23 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
So based on what your saying- I’m better off going to a neurosurgeon for this opinion as opposed to a plastic surgeon?
I was told to rather use a plastic surgeon for the surgery (which I did) because they’re better with the keeping the cosmetics in mind as well)
I think for the actual surgery they work together, and the plastics is super important because of the end result. However if you are not looking for a decisions based on cosmetics - your concerns are medical- then definitely get another opinion from a neurosurgeon.
In my case, the neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon disagreed on operating. We ended up deciding to skip surgery, (sided with neurosurgery), with the option of a much more minor surgery down the line called a camouflage. This is strictly to improve appearance, and is not “age sensitive”.
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