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Post  Sun, Aug 09 2020, 2:18 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Who dislikes those clear plastic bins everyone seems to use to organize their pantries and toy closest? I feel like it makes the closets look so boring with no personality. I also feel like I am a complete anomaly.

It's all a matter of taste and personality. Some people prefer everything hidden in opaque containers, which either they label or they just remember where everything is. That looks neater than clear bins, and protects the contents from light, which is important for for food storage. With an opaque storage container, nobody sees if the contents of the bin would make Marie Kondo break out in hives.

OTOH, clear bins are better for children too young to read or for people who think visually rather than verbally. meaning, they don't think "FLOUR" but, rather, see in their head a pile of flour.

Clear storage contributes to visual clutter, so people who can't abide visual clutter would go for opaque storage.

In general I prefer labeled opaque storage--opaque to hide the visual clutter, labeled so I don't forget what's inside. In my fridge, it's strictly clear. Refrigerated food in opaque containers is out of sight, out of mind and usually ends up as landfill.

Frankly, I don't need my storage to be exciting or have "personality". I have books, family and friends for that. My storage has to be safe, organized and handy. But you do you. If you want your little heart to go pitter-pat every time you open a kitchen cabinet, by all means go for it. I shep nachas if my spice jars have uniform labels, are in alphabetical order, and all facing the same direction.
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