Going back to work with a newborn @ home- what do people do?
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Post  Mon, Aug 17 2020, 11:43 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Thanks for the advice Smile

Still not sure if ill bring baby with me to CH for my morning commute or if its best to leave baby in my home town but I doubt I will find a babysitter at 7:45 AM. At least if baby travels with me to CH we'll arrive by 9 which is a normal time for babysitter to start. Still rather find someone to come to my home though :/

If you have any names of old babysitters that watch newborns could I pm you?

Personally I'd take the baby to CH if that's the time difference. Especially with pumping and such a little newborn. You can leave a few minutes early and feed the baby at the babysitter to avoid another pumping
My babysitters are full for this year but I'm sure you can find more here https://www.mothersofcrownheig.....orner and join the Facebook group for even more options. If the babysitter that you reach out to says they're full, ask if they have a friend they recommend since that list isn't complete. You can PM me
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