My dc, 3, crying at playgroup :( UPDATED p 2 BH
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Post Sun, Sep 06 2020, 9:42 am
Sorry but most posts here are terribly alarmist! 2 days is really not much!
Most kids that are not used to going out of the house will cry in playgroup! It's perfectly normal! He was used to being home with mommy, it's a huge adjustment!
The amount of crying depends a lot on his personality! How long does he cry when he falls? Some kids will cry 2 minutes some will cry an hour!
How is he after he stops crying? Does he play? Does he eat? Was he able to tell you anything positive about his time at morah?
I would pick him early for the next few days so he sees that you come back soon after!
Leave him there and come back 2 hours later! The next day stretch it to 2 and half! Until he's confortable!
Good luck!
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Post Sun, Sep 06 2020, 10:05 am
4 year old preschool does do real learning and some schools require Pre-k before kindergarten. A kid doesn’t go will start off next the year terribly behind.
I would try (1) bribing- send with a big treat if he goes in nicely (2) do a shorter day the first few days and transition into it (3) Give it at least 2 weeks before you give up. Most kids will adjust.
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Post Sun, Sep 06 2020, 10:47 am
I often found explaining the routine for the day made them feel more settled.

Something like "First mummy will say goodbye and you can play with (toy/friend of choice), then it will be time to daven with the Morah, and do some colouring, then you can eat your sandwiches, and after eating you can bentsch and then it will be time for outside play, and then you can come inside and it will be time for mummy to come and take you home."

As they get used to the routine this helps them to understand that there is a structure to the day, and they are not just being abandoned.
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Post Wed, Sep 30 2020, 6:57 am
Wanted to let everyone know that bh my dc is very happy now
Discussed routine and expectations,
Promised treats is cried less, etc.
I spent a few days sitting in playgroup for 10-30 minutes. I think that was the most crucial thing for him.

He cried the first few days after I left, then just grumbled about going, and now said he loves school! Smile

There is hope
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