Uninterupted countertop versus longer cabinets/drawers?

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Post  Thu, Sep 24 2020, 4:31 pm
If anyone has experience or insight to guide me, I would very much appreciate it!
I have a choice to put a 36 inch cabinet, followed by range, followed by 36 inch cabinet, followed by sink.
Or, I can do an 18 inch cabinet, followed by range, followed by 18 inch cabinet and then 36 inch cabinet, and then the sink.
The first option gives me 2 sets of 36 inch long drawers, with 2 stretches of 36 inch countertop working surface with an oven in between, while the second option gives me 54 inches of uninterrupted countertop working surface between range and sink, but only one set of 36 inch drawers with 2 sets of 18 inches and only 18 inches of countertop between the range and the wall.
It's really hard for me to picture what this translates to in actuality, and what would be more useful in the kitchen. I'm leaning toward the bigger stretch of uninterrupted countertop.
And hopefully I explained my options clearly...
Feedback please?
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Post  Thu, Sep 24 2020, 4:36 pm
Drawers in kitchens are amazing!

With that said, I'm with you on the more uninterrupted countertop space. I have a tiny kitchen now with three sections of 30"-36" of countertop (one of which has a microwave), and it's hard to cook like this.

You may want to take some cardboard boxes and measuring tape, and build yourself a mockup to picture how it would actually look.
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Post  Thu, Sep 24 2020, 4:46 pm
It depends on what your needs are.

There is NO comparison between storage for 18" drawers versus 36" drawers. Larger drawers enable you to store pots, cookware etc. One of the best features of my new kitchen remodel are the large lower drawers - so much better than lower cabinets with doors.

How big is your sink? I have a sink that has a ridge along it and it fits various items so that I can use the sink as a counter prep area. I have a grid insert which is wonderful for draining but I also just use as an extension of the counter. I also have a cutting board that fits in as well as a cutting board with a hole that fits a large stainless steel bowl so if I am chopping vegetables I can just sweep them directly into the bowl. I love my sink as it is super functional.

You should go to a good kitchen showcase and see the difference between large drawers and small drawers. My stack of 18" drawers fits knives and small stuff like that. My wide drawers - as I wrote - is so convenient for cookware as well as plates and serving pieces.
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