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Post  Sun, Oct 18 2020, 7:36 am
Trying to figure out new routines and would love to see examples that are working for ppl. Looking for morning, mid day and evening to include daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning. Please explain how you break up your weekly cleaning and when you do it, how you break up your monthly cleaning and when you do it, how you break up your seasonal cleaning and when you do it.

Thank you!
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Post  Sun, Oct 18 2020, 9:18 am
I have been slacking off a lot lately but this is my ideal schedule

Sunday: wash linens and towels
Monday: clean master bathroom
Tuesday: our laundry and straighten up our bedroom
Wednesday: clean family bathroom
Thursday: kids laundry and straighten up kids bedroom
Friday: clean kitchen and wash table

Daily tasks:

Empty dish rack
Fold any laundry
Wipe down counters

Take out trash/recycling
Wash dishes
Mops once a week
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Post  Sun, Oct 18 2020, 10:51 am
Put up loads of Laundry
Put away shabbos dishes

With help of cleaning lady clean house- floors, bathrooms ect and fridge if needed
Clean bedrooms
Strip beds and wash
Fold and Put away yesterday’s loads

Tuesday to Thursday:

Wash floors, bathrooms, clean kitchen well

Motsh shabbos:
Post shabbos cleanup

Deep cleaning and organizing before pesach
Polishing once a month as needed
Change vents- dh Job
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Post  Sun, Oct 18 2020, 12:00 pm
Thanks for the replies! Both of you are missing many chores. Too many to list Smile

I tried to make some routines this morning, which will hopefully work, of course with some tweaking.

I came up with morning routine- tidy and clean house, dishes, sweep, wash down table, clear couch, empty garbages, make beds, wipe down toilet

evening-clean living area well (that's my most important spot for starting the day right. I know most ppl do dishes and kitchen)

the day I have my cleaning lady I want to do the weekly chores (mop the whole house, bathroom, clean outside kitchen appliances, polish silver etc..) I also made a list of about 24 chores that need to get done about every month or two and will pick one or two of them to do on that day. similar to zone cleaning without needing to stick to a specific zone per week.

I also have one day for laundry, one day for groceries and one day for errands

also want to try to clean up right after messes happen so that nothing becomes overwhelming. I hope. I wish Smile
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