Segulas you tried that did not work?
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Post Sun, Nov 29 2020, 12:26 pm
We talk about things "working." Look, tefilla doesn't always work according to our script. But no tefilla goes to waste. Hashem has plan for them. And most important, all tefilla strengthens our bond with Hashem.

That's the thing about segulos. What do they do for us? Does my participation in a challah segula help someone get their yeshua? I don't know. But the tefillos I say for them after I take challah do help, and they know that people care about them. This is a great thing.

Last night Rabbi Reisman touched on this re pesel Micha, in a greater discussion of nichush and kochos hatuma. He mentioned tzedada scams and guarantees, and how sad that some scam artists will make guarantees. Such discouragement and disillusionment when they don't work.
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