Poll: do you like your job?
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Poll: do you like your job?
Yes - I love it!
 46%  [ 66 ]
It's ok
 43%  [ 62 ]
No - I hate it
 10%  [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 143



Post  Tue, Dec 01 2020, 2:46 pm
in the late 90's and early 2000's, I had a couple of jobs I didn't like-- more like I liked the JOB, but hated the bosses. I got SUPER ill in 2001 and from then on ONLY took jobs that I LIKE and MOSTLY have been self employed since. If I no longer like something, I move on. I've done a million things. None of them are so CAREER oriented as the jobs I had back then but I'm happier. Now I work VERY part time because that's what works for my home life (two really tough special needs kids--- they're my main job now).

If you're miserable, please try to find a way to move on. You are NOT stuck.
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Post  Tue, Dec 01 2020, 3:22 pm
10 years ago I had an office job that I was miserable at and quit and said I'm never getting an office job again now I have an office job and I love it

It wasn't the job so much but the environment that really made a difference for me
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Post  Tue, Dec 01 2020, 3:24 pm
I need the money and I don't dread every (single) work day, so I guess I don't hate it...but would love to be my own boss
One day....B'ezras Hashem
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Post  Tue, Dec 01 2020, 3:28 pm
Parts of it I love, parts of it I loathe, parts of it I can take or leave.
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Post  Tue, Dec 01 2020, 3:30 pm
I hate my job. It is mostly stressful because I'm not good at it. My coworkers are awesome.
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Post  Tue, Dec 01 2020, 3:37 pm
Most parts of it!
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