Creative pple pls help- tefillin cake topper

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Post  Wed, Dec 02 2020, 11:53 pm
Hi all! I am making a cake for my friend's son who is putting on tefillin. I would like to decorate the top of the cake with some food design that looks like tefillin. Any ideas how I can construct that? I feel like I've seen that somewhere but have no clue how to start. Thank you for any help!
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Post  Wed, Dec 02 2020, 11:56 pm
There is a teffilin chocolate mold. We bought it in local hardware shop, but maybe you can find online, or ask anyone if they have and can lend it to you.
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Post  Thu, Dec 03 2020, 12:39 am
I make a very dense batch of rice crispy treats (use marshmallow fluff, no margarine or fat, smashed rice crispies so that they don't have as much air in their pockets) and press evenly into a pan with straight sides and sharp corners. I'll also add a bit of cocoa so that I'm starting off with a darker color.

I measure and cut a base square for the tefillin base. Then I cut and stack smaller squares for the tefillin "bayis"

I cover the rice crispie treat base and the bayis with chocolate clay (separately). Depending on my mood I'll either make a dark chocolate clay or I'll color the clay black. I then add the tefillin details - the shin with 4 "vavs", etc.

Then I roll out strips of clay and drape them to resemble the tefillin straps.

I've also done a tefillin bag cake...

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Post  Thu, Dec 03 2020, 3:11 pm
Google is your best friend! Lots of ideas there!
I've seen tefillin out of brownies and covered in chocolate.
I've also seen the square chocolate mints with the raspberry squares on top,glued with a drop of melted chocolate!
The chocolate molds are really the easiest!
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