Happening Tomorrow: Chesed 24/7’s Kosher Market Game Show

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Post Mon, Feb 15 2021, 12:53 pm
Chesed 24/7 is gearing up for the grand finale of its Million Dollar “Food Fuels Refuos” campaign, and the entire community is getting caught up in the excitement.

The event, Kosher Market Sweep, will cap a week-long Rayze.it campaign to stock the organization’s hospitality rooms with the most-needed items, such as coffee, yogurt and Shabbos meals.

The Sweep will pair Jewish celebrities and influencers with people who were touched by Chesed 24/7, and send them on an exhilarating race through supermarket aisles to decipher clues and raise funds.

Kosher Market Sweep will be streamed live on February 16 from the Chesed 24/7 warehouse in Monsey, and will feature separate men’s and women’s events, so that every member of the community can join.

The men’s event will be hosted by Charlie Harary, and will feature a lineup of singers, comedians and Jewish celebrities including Gameshow Host Mendy Pellin, as well as Benny Friedman, Joey Newcomb, Jake Turx, and others – including a surprise big announcement. The women’s event, hosted by Charlene Aminoff, will include Gameshow Host Malky Knopfler, and stars including Naomi Nachman, Frumee Taubenfeld, and many more. The men’s event will feature a half-time show by Benny Friedman and Joey Newcomb; the women’s half-time show will be hosted by Bracha Jaffe. The campaign participants are thrilled to be part of a fundraiser that touches so many lives.

“I spent time with my sister in the hospital,” says social media influencer Abbey Wolin, producer of the event. “I know what it’s like to be desperate for a Kosher coffee or sandwich, and be able to get it, smack in the middle of Manhattan, at 2 am.” Her experience was echoed by many of the celebrities and influencers who are participating in the campaign, and by members of the community who are starting fundraising teams and raising funds.

“I started a Rayze.it team because I want to give back,” says Rivky M. “When my father was in Columbia, the Chesed room was our home base in the hospital.” Rivky set a campaign goal of raising funds for 150 twelve-dollar items, and is close to reaching it. She’ll be watching the Kosher Market Sweep from home, and is excited about the entertainment for a cause.

“Chesed 24/7 touches everyone,” she said. “It’s the community’s organization. It’s the community’s event.”

To start your own team, donate, or watch the event, visit Rayze.it/clickforchesed.

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Post Tue, Feb 16 2021, 11:30 pm
Forgot to go on on time! Where can I rewatch it?
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