Pesach Kashrut & Staying with non-frum parents.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 9:05 pm
Op not sure what your situation is, but my in laws aren't frum & we were considering going to them for pesach, when we asked our LOR he said if visiting it's more manageable, but he would recommend against staying over during pesach. We're lubavitch for reference.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 9:22 pm
Kasher your kitchen now for Pesach then cook and freeze your meals. Double or triple wrap them then bring them to your parents house. Store in bags in their freezer, kasher their oven and bring a blech to reheat. Their chometz isn't yours so its not an issue for you- just make sure the food does not touch. Buy disposable plates, silverware, cups and plastic table cloths in bulk and you are all set. DH and I are MO BTs married for 10 years- we've been through this many times. It is totally doable!
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