Looking for powerful true stories for my class

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Post Thu, Jun 03 2021, 3:44 pm
Hey everyone, I'm a new teacher and I'm looking for some gooood stories for a class of 13 year olds, maybe someone could help??

1. A story about how bad it is to cause someone else to sin. Or something on the topic of causing others to sin

2. On the topic of caring more about what others think as opposed to doing the right thing

Thank you!!
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Post Thu, Jun 03 2021, 4:18 pm
Please don't tell your students these stories. I am scarred from them. I was very naive and believed all these stories and medrashim as is. I didn't take anything with a grain of salt and believed that I was destined to be punished as in the stories for every little infraction. I developed religious OCD.
You must teach students Judaism only with posits stories. We are not christians preaching about the fires of hell. I wish I could see hashem as a loving father and not a vengeful and petty king who is full of wrath.
Obviously this is not how every child responds to years of indoctrination because of these stories but still it isn't healthy. Please choose your stories wisely.

Try to talk about how their actions and words affect other people around them. Not how Gd will react.
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Post Thu, Jun 03 2021, 4:24 pm

Please tell your students about creating a positive connection to hashem.I

No fire and brimstone.

Do the flip side.

About how good it is to do the right thing!!!! Not just sechar, but how it impacts others positively, how good you feel when you do the proper thing, and I do believe you could tie THAT into doing the right thing even when it's hard, like mesirus nefesh (please make sure the mesirus nefesh story is halachikly correct)
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Post Thu, Jun 03 2021, 4:28 pm
Yes yes!!

But I'd love some powerful and interesting stories about how YOU got others to do the right thing or how you did the right thing even though it was hard
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Post Thu, Jun 03 2021, 5:59 pm
I get a daily email from CCHF. This week there was a lovely story about a man using the restrooms in a restaurant as the waiter told him he could. Then the owner spotted him and yelled at him, so he said he was going to eat there. Brought all the kids in from the car to eat at this fancy expensive place, so as not to get the waiter into trouble. In the end the waiter paid for free dessert to thank him and the owner paid for his whole meal because of what he’d done to protect the waiter.
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