Help me plan a sheva brachos menu and decor!

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Post Wed, Jul 21 2021, 2:31 pm
I am hosting sheva brachos for one of my siblings. Going to be a nice size crowd (not just "a minyan")... but not huge like for a hall. Will be in my house. I plan to cook and bake everything. I love cooking and baking, and I'm really excited for this!

I don't like to "patchka." Everything should be very simple to prepare with ingredients that are found in a standard kitchen. If you suggest an item with a specialty ingredient, it should be something I would use again or that gets used up. I don't need to use one spoonful and have the rest sitting in my fridge till Pesach.

I also like to prepare "clean" food. No onion soup mix or dessert with Rich's Whip, and the like.
9x13 pans are my friends. One bowl prep is my best bet.

Food budget is really high. So I can do some nice meat. Decor budget is reallllllly low. Don't want to spend more than $100 on decor. I don't have any small vases or anything of my own to use, so that would need to be bought. I have plenty of dollar stores near me though.

I own several cookbooks already, specifically the Between Carpools, first BY cookbook, both silver platters, lubavitch purple cookbook, joy of kosher... that's about it. I'm sure I can borrow other cookbooks if there's a specific recipe.

Soo.... with that said... any ideas of a lovely sheva brachos menu and decor?

(It's going to be sometime the next few weeks, so summertime concept.)
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Post Wed, Jul 21 2021, 5:11 pm
As far as food, you can have lots of nice lettuce or cabbage salads on the table.

First course can be sea bass with a glaze or crumbs+ everything but the bagel on a skewers. Some micro greens maybe. Or salmon teriyaki cubes on sesame noodles. Or sushi salad in a nice presentation.

Some ideas for Main can be stuffed capons from by cookbook and or slice of chuck roast they both reheat very nicely. Baby zucchini/pattypans, or string bean bundle wrapped in a corned beef slice. Roasted green and yellow zucchini slices and mushrooms and red peppers. Or roasted carrot sticks with garlic and herbs. Carrot muffin. Apple crisp in a mini pie crust. Roasted potato wedges or baby reds. White Rice pilaf.or wild rice with craisins and almonds.
You can buy ready made lava cakes and heat them for a few minutes in the oven, top them with a scoop of ice cream. Or just serve two small scoops of sorbet in a bowl, or individual fruit trifle cups with tiny spoons.
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Post Wed, Jul 21 2021, 5:16 pm
Decor: dollar store - round vases, clear beads, cherry blossom silk flowers or grass. Large candles. Put beads bottom of vase. Fill with water. Submerge silk flowers. Float lit candle on top.

“Giveaway” - Esther o. On her blog has melon candies - this couple is one in a melon. Matches (dollar store) this couple is a perfect match. Glass shoes filled with mints - a couple mint to be in a mazeldik shoe. Or mini chocolates wrapped in paper with couple monogram.

Personalized napkins add a lot. Not super cheap but you have to buy napkins anyways and I find they add a lot.

Monogrammed croutons. You can do a simple salad to start and put a monogram crouton on top to make it more exciting. Won ton wrapper with initial cut out with cookie cutter. Paint with egg. Sprinkle with everything spice. Can make in advance and freeze
Or can use crouton on anything. Like salmon over zucchini noodles or sesame pasta or quinoa.

In summer can have fresh fruit slushes/smoothies on table.

Dessert : scoop sorbet and ice cream. Decorate with Chocolate covered mint or cookie. Peanut brittle.
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Post Wed, Jul 21 2021, 5:35 pm
wow, sounds exciting, here are some ideas

decor, you can get pretty tablecloths from a gemach if there is one in your area, I prefer a deep color, like brown, blue, and then decor is white,
bud vases from dollar tree with baby's breath, and white paper goods

you can make water bottles with a label on them that says sheva brachos of... and put out a little souvenier by each seat, I have lots of ideas for those as well, let me know if you want

lots of different options for appetizers, better to do something cold so it can be on the table before, instead of you having to serve it hot,
some kind of salad with deli, meat, chicken on top
toasted club bread with assorted toppings, I.e. liver, bruschetta, avocado,
assorted deli wraps w/ a side salad
deli roll w/ a side salad
wontons w/ a side salad
there are lots more, let us know what type of thing you're looking for

in the summer, many people skip soup and go straight to the main

for the main, it depends if you want to do chicken or meat, lots of options for those
for sides, you should do one carb, one veggie, and some ppl like to add something else like a carrot muffin
carb sides can be mashed potatoes, little red potatoes, wild rice, orzo
veggie sides can be roasted veggies either cubed, or shish kebab, or in a stack
between carpools has a green bean recipe that's delicious, teriyaki string beans

and the crumbs and coulis recipe from between carpools is hands down the best dessert,
can be made in advance and frozen, tastes yum, and looks beautiful
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