Kids choosing style shoes and clothes
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Post Tue, Jul 27 2021, 12:09 am
allthingsblue wrote:
Running ragged is not good nor is it healthy.
But in one store, If there’s something the daughter likes but op doesn’t, assuming it’s in the budget, that’s what they should get (obviously only if there isn’t a shoe they both really like)

You're right. But I was responding to OP who went around to multiple stores.
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Post Tue, Jul 27 2021, 8:36 am
I have a daughter who is in preschool, very opinionated, has her own style. I have learned over time to say "no, we aren't getting that" (when I really really didn't like it or it was impractical, bad fit etc..)
I started trying to get things online and get a few and let her choose. Otherwise I show her what there is in the store and she chooses something that Mommy also has to agree on. If the store doesn't have anything I would take her to a second store. In the second store if they have something she likes and I don't like it but it's not hideous and practical enough I would just get it. If you are looking for a bargain (last years shoes for example) it's going to be really hard if she has strong opinions. I would just settle on her getting something you may not like. Going to 4 stores is something that would be too much for me and too much for her.
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