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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 1:46 am
We're moving on Oct 1, and I have no idea where to start the packing process. Please help me get organized.
What should we start packing? I have teens, what tasks can I hand over to them?
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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 1:57 am
In general, start at the edges and finish in the middles. Leave the kitchen and family areas until later.

If your kids are amenable, "pack" for the next few weeks by piling what they expect to use on their beds. Then pack everything else into boxes, LABEL WELL, and pile the boxes in a corner of their room. Put the stuff on the beds back into drawers so they can feel human for the next few weeks!

You can pack pretty much anything that is in storage. It may be already packed, but if your move is long distance, check for any breakables and repackage them appropriately.

Some general tips:

Get colored tape or stickers and put it on all sides of each box so it's easy to see what room it belongs in.

Number all of your boxes, starting from #1. Make sure you have a running list on your computer or phone with the number of the box, the room it belongs to, and the contents. (There are apps for this also.)

Much hatzlacha on your new move! May it be a good change of mazal in every way!
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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 2:10 am
As you pick up an item and are about to pack it away for your new home, really think how much you need it. If it’s something you rarely use, is easily replaceable, and not sentimental, consider giving away or throwing out. I moved a few months ago. Prior to that I gave away/threw out tons of stuff. It made packing and unpacking so much easier! Let your teens declutter their own stuff. I did mine, a little of my husbands stuff, toys, kitchen, and any miscellaneous items lying around that no one used.

I also packed in boxes according to what room they’re going into not where they were from. For example, dd 1 and 2 shared a room. I packed they’re items separately, since they were each going to their own room.
Another tip, I packed a box of kitchen essentials, meat and dairy, peeler, knife, frying pan, crockpot, ladle, whatever, minimal kitchen stuff. It went in my car, straight into the kitchen. I unpacked that right away so I could have a functional kitchen the first thing.

I boxed up valuables like Jewlery, passports, and silver and left by a friend a few days before the move. Unfortunately things can easily get misplaced during a move, so see if you can take your valuables with you or leave by a relative or friend for a few days.

Good luck!
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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 2:21 am
Great advice, thanks!
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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 5:57 am
Just did this. First pack the stuff that you won't use immediately such as Pesach dishes, Chanukah supplies, Purim costumes, camp stuff, photo albums, and off season clothes. Pack the majority of the seforim. You can use tee shirts to pack dishes and glass bowls.
Make sure that you don't exceed the weight limit or box count that the mover allows. Frum people have more books as well as larger books and 4 times as much kitchen ware as the rest of society. Don't make any box too heavy. You have more stuff than you think you do. Eat up what you have in the pantry and use up the paper goods and cleaning supplies. Give unopened bottles of vodka to the shul. Get rid of shaimos.
I agree with labeling because it may take awhile to unpack and meanwhile you may need something.
Also for a fee, the mover has garment boxes that allows clothing to travel hung up. You will probably weed out the clothing that doesn't get used that much.
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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 6:05 am
I second the advice about the valuables. Moving is so hectic, things get misplaced all the time.
I packed up my jewelry and silver and left by a friend. I also left my wig with her.
Pack everyone an overnight bag with linens, pajamas and change of underwear and clothes for the first night.
If the move is local, make a grocery order (non perishable) for the day before. With toilet paper, cleaning supplies, body wash, toothpaste, etc. So if someone cant find the box or whatever, you can all shower and brush teeth and use the bathroom.
I went to the new house the day before and stocked every bathroom. you can also have snacks and bottled water, even if it wont be cold, you can have something to drink before meals are sorted out.
Good luck!
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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 9:02 am
We moved locally and had a little overlap so we had both houses. I went in and took all my kitchen stuff and unpacked it all so I had a fully operational kitchen when we came. We also rolled up the bedding and pjs and bagged it together so that all we had to do was roll it out on the beds when it came and the beds were fully made.
Made a bag of essentials, like others have said, with toilet paper, cleaning supplies etc. Also packed a bag for each kid as if we were going on a 2 day vacation. That meant I didn't have to try and find where the kids clothes were the next morning.
Try and ensure all your kids are elsewhere on moving day as it makes things less stressful.
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Post Fri, Sep 10 2021, 1:31 am
Thanks for all the advice, it’s all very helpful.
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