Why are Flatbush BY Elementary schools off this Friday???
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Post Tue, Sep 14 2021, 7:13 pm
Schools aren’t a babysitting service to watch your kids so you can work to pay tuition.
This is such a recent and warped mindset.

We made choices with our career that may have not included flexibility of schedule and following the school calendar, and that’s ok.
But it’s time for us as parents to deal with the career choices we made and problem solve.
Not blame the schools, teachers and administrators.
Teachers don’t have too many perks but one of them is off days around YT.
The salary is really low though amongst other struggles.
If you wanted to; you could have chosen to be a teacher as well and then you would have flexibility around YT and you would be on your child’s calendar. But you chose not to and that’s ok but now it’s time to work it out and not get involved in the blame game that is really just unfair.

Besides which mother wanted to get her kids out to school early in the morning the day after YK? I wish my kids had off that day!
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