Is this a normal thing I should have?
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 8:03 am
SixOfWands wrote:
People here hug whatever they disagree with, just to be passive aggressive. See, eg, https://oukosher.org/blog/cons.....ater/

I've heard the psak, but its not something that we hold by. CYLOR.

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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 8:33 am
When I lived in NYC I had a psak to filter. My brother had a psak he didn't have to, and we liked joining them for meals. So then we got a psak that once the waters mixed into something (like cooked) it is ok to eat unfiltered since it can't be filtered at that point. But we had to drink filtered water. Fortunately they preferred filtered water for drinking so it worked.

Now we live in NJ and don't filter anymore. My father in law came to visit for a while and mentioned he doesn't like sink water and only drinks bottled. So the next time I placed a grocery order I added in a bunch of bottled water (the huge ones) to last his stay
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 9:21 am
Dear OP

A number of years ago a psak came out (took a while for all to be on board but ultimately most rabbis across the gamut agree), that some areas of NYC (Brooklyn etc) needed to be start filtering the water due to copeds which are visible to the naked eye.

This was ultimately an accepted psak across the many flavors of kosher keeping homes.

This was deemed a basic kashrus need and not a chumra.

Of course, ask your LOR and see what he holds and follow advice,

We use the under the sink filter. Easy to change twice a year and no bothering with the”EZ” filter on the tap that needs constant changing and affects the water flow.

PS: I've always liked NYC tap water. Known as one of the best out there!
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 10:44 am
I don't want to give details because I prefer to be anonymous but I did ask a Rav and he said it is not a psak our Rabbonim have agreed to. They did not asser it. My guest and most of my guests are from the same sect as us.
When I asked the question I had NO iDEA about a halachic issue, I would never put money or inconvenience as a priority over halacha.
Honestly I was asking about taste or health reasons (the reasons why people I know have filters) that someone has a preference, if this is something I should be accommodating.
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