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Post Sun, Nov 28 2021, 11:32 pm
Looking for ideas for simple, somewhat quick, cheap Chanukah games to play with my lower elementary class. Something to make school fun, but I still need to teach so it can’t take too long. Any ideas? Don’t have time to shop or anything. Also, if food related- anything they eat has to be individually wrapped bc of covid.
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all is good


Post Mon, Nov 29 2021, 1:28 am
How abt a bingo game using indivudually wrapped choc coins? Make a quick bingo board on word, 5x5 table with empty spaces. Students fill it in with words or things you've tought them & then you when you play, you give the definition & whoever has that term, covers it with a coin...I know you said you don't have time to shop but maybe you happen to have a box in your house already for chanukah!
Or else, pictionary. Needs no prep. Divide class in 2, call one from each team up, tell them what to draw (cld be chanukah related or school related) & their teammates guess.
Good luck & have fun!
Signed by a fellow teacher Smile
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