ISO kitchen designer, Brooklyn, please

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Post Sun, Apr 24 2022, 3:07 pm
Hi, I’m really hoping someone has a kitchen designer to recommend, for a Brooklyn kitchen.

I would like to get a sense of what it would cost to redo my kitchen. I have been saving for a few years now and I hope I have enough but I have no idea who to call.

He/she should ideally be:
Easy to work with (pleasant, calm, accessible)
Budget friendly (be cost conscious without making you feel inferior)
Innovative (ability to see past existing layout and come up with an improved floor plan)

Can anyone please help??
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Post Mon, Apr 25 2022, 5:28 pm
Anyone? Please?
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Post Mon, Apr 25 2022, 5:52 pm
I just put in a semi custom for 30 grand.
I saw a beautiful stock I considered for 20.

The kitchen place will make you a layout.

Kitchen places are extremely overwhelmed with jobs.
Schedule an appointment.

When I told them I’m thinking about what my options were they didn’t help me.
When I went it ready to order, it took me running after them to get a layout and an estimate.

You have plenty of time to decide during the ready to order process

Good luck!

Appliances, counter, faucets are added expenses
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Post Mon, Apr 25 2022, 7:25 pm
The best kitchen designers are the people working in kitchens. Talking from experience. I paid money from a supposedly top kitchen designer. She's a great interior designer but not a kitchen designer. I got her recommended as somebody who specializes in kitchens.
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Post Mon, Apr 25 2022, 8:00 pm
I just put in a midrange kitchen with new appliances for $75k total.

Things are super expensive now
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Post Mon, Apr 25 2022, 8:10 pm
I appreciate the responses!
Any specific kitchen places you would recommend?
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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 7:37 am
Bumping up... I need help asap for a rental apartment
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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 9:16 am
I love my kitchen that was designed by Minda Baez, but I don't think she's the cheapest, so you may not want to use her if it's only for a rental unit.
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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 10:35 am
You are probably not looking for a kitchen designer who is independent.

You are probably looking for a kitchen designer who works for a kitchen/bath store which sells cabinets.

The best way to proceed is to visit several cabinet stores which sell various brands of cabinets. The brand of cabinets will be the most important factor in determining the price of your kitchen.

Not all kitchen designers are equally talented and obviously not all cabinet brands are equally good in terms of quality.

A kitchen costs a lot of money and you should take your time and try to get educated in terms of what determines the quality of a cabinet. Think about how you want your kitchen to function. Look a pictures of kitchens on the internet and save those which speak to you. Also by looking at kitchens and how they are configured you will probably learn about features you didn't realize existed.

Not all kitchen designers are equally good so as you visit kitchen stores you will get a sense of what the person is like. This is where your research helps you because you can ask intelligent relevant questions and also evaluate their responses.

Of course recommendations are critical.

There are three (or four) levels of cabinetry.

Stock cabinets are the most basic and offer the least ability to configure as they have limited styles AND limited sizes. Often the quality isn't as good as the next level. Keep in mind that pricing can be deceptive since you can select a cheap cabinet but the end result will be as much or more than a more expensive line once you select configurations and upgrades that are standard on the more expensive brand.

Semi-custom are generally the mid level brand. They aren't fully custom but offer lots of style and size options and generally you would be able to get quite a fully functional high quality kitchen at this level. Keep in mind that even the same "brand" can have different quality levels.

Custom is what is sounds like - it is essentially having someone build cabinets that are exactly to your specifications. There are certain brands that are custom but there are also custom cabinets which are made by local wood shops.
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