A Bais Yaakov Where Your Child Won’t Survive — She’ll Thrive

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Post Mon, May 16 2022, 1:19 pm
Does your daughter need extra support in school?

If your daughter sometimes feels…

Overwhelmed by the workload and unable to keep up

Restless and unable to sit still during circle time

Lonely and bewildered when it comes to making friends

Lost and unsupported in a class of 33 (or more!)

We can help.

At Bais Yaakov of Bay Parkway, she will find teachers who embrace her, friends who accept her, and a tailored curriculum that sets her up to thrive. +

We support girls with

Learning differences • Social challenges • Attention deficits


Founded in 2007, Bais Yaakov of Bay Parkway (BYBP) is a small, warm educational program serving girls ages 5-13 who need more individualized attention and support, due to:

Learning differences

Social challenges

Attention deficits

Based in Brooklyn, New York, BYBP has changed the lives of over 250 girls from across the tristate area, who have gone on to enjoy successful, productive, learning-filled years in middle school and high school.


Small classes

6-8 students per class. 1:1 ratio for core subjects, including reading, kriah, and math

Personalized curriculum

Modified work and tests enable every girl to progress academically at her own pace

In-house therapies and counseling

OT, PT, speech therapy and counseling built into your daughter’s schedule

Professional and licensed staff

Masters degrees and specialty certifications, with continued training and supervision for all teachers & therapists

Multi-sensory classrooms

Lessons engage as many senses as possible — like forming letters in clay, or jumping rope to review shorashim

Rich programs and extracurriculars

Assemblies, trips, performances, chagigas — just as in any other Bais Yaakov

At BYBP, your daughter will

Achieve key academic milestones

Develop strong interpersonal skills

Build an enduring self-esteem

Feel connected to Hashem and Yiddishkeit

Know she is capable — not different or special

Call to schedule a tour

Bais Yaakov of Bay Parkway





“In her former mainstream setting, school was a fight every morning. Now, even when she actually is sick, she doesn’t want to miss a day! She loves school and feels like the smartest kid. Every child deserves what BYBP actually delivers, which is a chanoch l’naar, individualized education.”

— Mr. Dov Sufrin


“In just one year, she went from not being able to say the ABCs to reading short words. Her teachers see her middos and potential. She is progressing more than I’d even imagined.”

— Mrs. Perel Rotenberg


“One Friday night, we saw her reading her own kapitel Tehillim, which we never thought she could do. She feels good about herself now that she can learn. I see a different child.

— Mrs. Shaindel Schapiro



“The classrooms are warm and inviting places where children are empowered to shine. The girls we have referred from our school — we have truly seen them blossom.

— Mrs. Basya Weinstein, General Studies Principal, Bais Yaakov of Boro Park


“We’ve sent a few students to BYBP and it’s always been a positive experience. Girls are successful there.

— Mrs. Michele Scholar, Preschool Director At Lev Bais Yaakov


“The school runs like a regular Bais Yaakov — curricula, assemblies, GO — and the girls show a genuine self-confidence; they feel great about themselves. They’re happy to go to school, and they tell their friends: ‘I go to Bais Yaakov.’”

— Sara Horowitz, Director Of CARE For Special Children


“They provide for each child socially, emotionally, and academically. And it’s all on-site and built into their day-to-day schedule. Kids don’t learn in a bubble here — they actually internalize the tools they need.

— Leah Malkin, BCBA Consultant


“BYBP is an unbelievable program. When parents hesitate about sending their girls there, I tell them every parent who ever told me “My daughter doesn’t belong there” is happy they ultimately sent their daughter. I don’t know what we’d do without the program. The teachers know what they’re doing and the girls get what they need.”

— Mrs. Chaya Sara Tenebaum, Principal of Bais Rivkah preschool


Are we the right school to help your daughter thrive?

Call to schedule a tour:

Bais Yaakov of Bay Parkway


☎ 718-534-8711

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