What's your kid school vacation schedule?

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Post Fri, Aug 19 2022, 7:42 am
How many times a year does your kid have off? Or based on some threads how many times a year does your kid have school?

My kids:
Boys- they get off for Eriv Yom Tov except Eriv Shevous & have about two days before Sukous and Peasch. They get 2-3 days for chanukah and 3 days mid winter, they also have off Shushon Purim and have a 1\2 day for Fast days. For about 2-4 week's in the summer they have school camp then are off for about 6 week's.

Mesivta- Start Rosh Chodesh Elul, Get off after Yom Kipper, start school a few days after Sukous, have a few random weekends off during the year including chanukah and Purim, Get off a week or more before Peasch go back a few days after the Chag. Have about 4-5 weeks off in the summer.

Girls- start with labor day get off Eriv Yom Tov and get off 2-3 days before Sukous a week before Peasch. 3 days chanukah and 3 days mid winter and Shushon Purim. They usually 1\2 day for fast days sometimes they have the whole day off. They have 9-10 weeks summer break.

High School-Not sure if they have school with vacation, or vacation with school, can not tell you the schedule because they always seem to be off or have a 1\2 day or a test day or something else.

Whats your kids schedule?
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Post Fri, Aug 19 2022, 7:47 am
I’m in London (golders green specifically) and I posted on the other thread.

While summer is short (5 weeks) winter is 2 weeks, half term every other month about a week, plus all YT. It’s a lot of off and on and needing to come up with babysitters and entertainment!!!

I prefer the US system.
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Post Fri, Aug 19 2022, 7:49 am
Every erev chag, chag, isru chag and chol hamoed is off.
All of chanuka except the first day )). Thats like winter break.
The day after lag baomer for older kids as they stay up late at the bnei akiva or other medurot is off.
Half days for fasts.
Sept 1 is the first day and eleme tary school goes till the last day of june. 1-4th grade and gan aged kids have school camp until 9 av. After that its a free for all to figure it out. Therr are some local camps for the duration of the summer.
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Post Fri, Aug 19 2022, 7:52 am
Girls have 2 days chanuka vacation, 2 days mid winter, off erev and isru chag, off 2 weeks before pesach, off summer.
Boys have off erev yom tov, extended weekend summer vacation.
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Post Fri, Aug 19 2022, 7:52 am
My kids in a modern school in OOT USA(for now). School starts beginning of September. They have erev succos, CHM, but not isru Chag off, full day fast days. No chanukah vacation. Week and a half in Jan. Pesach vacation is from 2 days before YT thru isru Chag. Short Fridays only from succos to pesach, and they're still not very short. Half day erev shavuos, full day isru Chag. School ends 3rd week of June.
2 random days off mid year for teacher in service days plus 2 days they get out early for parent teacher conferences (so teachers are working those times even though kids are home).

I do think that I've seen more teachers in this school taking vacations at random times (leaving the class with a sub) than I have in other schools where there are set vacation times.
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Post Sat, Aug 20 2022, 9:58 pm
Half day on fasts and Isru Chag starts late. Off shushan Purim and day bedikas chametz (option for bedikas chometz cheider)
No vacation ever

Off 1 week bet school/camp and 1 wk bet camp-school.
No school on fast days, Erev and isru chag. No midwinter break. 2 days off Chanukah.
Erev pesach depends on age- younger kids really just day of bedikas chometz (with option of fun school)
I think that’s pretty much it!

Eta- boys have full day Sundays. Girls are off Sundays till 5 th grade, have school about 2 hrs Friday till 5th when they start 1/2 day school on Sunday.
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