Age Appropriate Consequence Age 6/7
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 4:01 pm
amother Seablue wrote:
Comparatively to previous generations, there was less illness, poverty. There will always be some illness , poverty , etc. Thanks Indian Red and mom24b for explaining all that. How do you explain it for the people who do not come from European Countries and come from nations that were not affected by the holocaust? They are also part of this Taphkid and have a similar derech that is cultural to this time.

Everyone got affected by the holocaust. Every jew.
And they went on to get married and have children with things that were undealt with.
Maybe those things they had were little ant mountains - but over the years with financial stress, children, illness and so on-those little ant piles turned into massive unclimbable mountains.
Noone spoke up and got help. And they just married off their unhealthy off springs.
Bh were so lucky to get the help we need. Hashem has allowed so many therapies to work on so many different levels. We are blessed.
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 4:59 pm
I haven't read all the replies but some of them sound like punishment. A consequence is directly correlated to the action. If you touch a hot pot you'll get burned that's a consequence. If you don't take care of your things, meaning not cleaning up the consequence would be not getting new items until the child can demonstratethat they are capableof taking care of them.
Was your DD always this way or she is feeling stressed now that she is older and her school day is longer. Maybe all she needs is some mommy time.
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