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Post Wed, Mar 29 2023, 11:26 am
I never leave a fire on for yom tov but for pesach I will be cooking on an electric burner so I realized I can keep it on timer and have it turn on for mealtimes. I want to surprise DH with a fresh steak but I never cook meat and don't even have a grill pan, only a frying pan.

What cut of meat would be best for this and can someone give me exact instructions how to make it please?
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Post Wed, Mar 29 2023, 11:53 am
In order to sear a steak the pan needs to be on high heat…are you sure you want to do that on yontif?
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Post Thu, Mar 30 2023, 1:43 am
It can be a bit tricky to get the temperature right on a steak without a meat thermometer. So, especially if it’s not something you cook often and assuming your husband doesn’t like his steak well done, I’d skip this.
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