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Mirin and Sake wine

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Post Fri, Apr 28 2023, 2:36 pm
Where can I purchase Japanese cooking wine Mirin? Also Saké. Wine store near me in Brooklyn doesn't carry.
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Post Sun, May 07 2023, 9:03 am
I heard that Eden has Mirin (rice cooking wine) but haven't been able to find it in supermarkets (just on Amazon for $18). And leads in Boro Park stores?
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Post Sun, May 07 2023, 9:29 am
We use this one for sake. It is a smaller bottle but is one of the few GOOD kosher sake wines. It is KLBD hechsher. Try to find cooking Sake; the one I mention is both drinking and cooking and was only one I could find where I live that was kosher approved.

You can check this star K list for others. If you can find the Mizkan one, it is probably cheaper.

Check wine/liquor shops as they carry sake wines (which is where we got ours).

For mirin, HONTERI MIRIN by Mizkan is very good. It is non alcoholic and is OU. You can usually find it in health food shops that carry Asian products. Asian stores that have Korean and/or Japanese items will most likely have it also. It is usually quite cheap.

Sake will cost more however it is usually used in small amounts in cooking (refrigerate it afterwards).
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