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Wedding hairstyles DD6 & 2

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Brit in Israel


Post Thu, Nov 30 2023, 2:49 pm
I would love if anyone has links for photos of stylish hairdos for my 2 daughters. Wedding of my SIL, their aunty. In israel at end of December. they are wearing darkblue/ light navy dresses
Whats the in style now?

DD6 has chest length (maybe abit longer) mix blonde thinish hair.
I love to just do a half/side pony with a nice bow/flower with beachwaves or curls. she looks so good with it but I did it for the 2 weddings last year and she was very upset she didnt have what to 'show off' to her friends in school the next day.
Myself and kallah wants something down/half down but neat looking. I'm happy to order a band/bows/flowers for it.

What do you do for a two year old? dark brown thin hair shoulder length at the longer parts, curlish at the bottom. is a flower/tiara still the in?

Any links or photos would be amazing!
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Post Thu, Nov 30 2023, 3:10 pm
I'd do a floral wreath for both.
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Post Sat, Dec 02 2023, 1:22 pm
Waterfall braid? I did that for my dd7, something like this. I curled her hair and then braided it into this kind of style.
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