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ADD and organizing=disaster! Help!

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Post Sun, Dec 10 2023, 4:00 am
So I have undiagnosed ADD and I'm really struggling when it comes to organizing the closets. Can anyone help me with the following: I have a closet with a long shelf for each child on this shelf there is pants, tops, shabbes tops and pajamas. How can I keep this organized? Additionally I have a drawer for each child where the underwear and socks are. Should I put pajamas there as well? Any help I would really appreciate!
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Post Sun, Dec 10 2023, 4:07 am
First thing, can you get some pretty containers or baskets to put the clothes in? That way you can see what fits on each shelf.

For example, a container for tops, one for pants, one for shabbos
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Post Sun, Dec 10 2023, 6:46 am
#Happymom wrote:
First thing, can you get some pretty containers or baskets to put the clothes in? That way you can see what fits on each shelf.

For example, a container for tops, one for pants, one for shabbos


Is you have room in the drawers for pajamas, I'd put those there.
Here are some easy accessible stackable bins. These will keep the clothing best in bins but also easy to pull something out, or other in and see what you have.


Or you can put shelf dividers.

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Post Sun, Dec 10 2023, 7:24 am
Get a basket per type of clothing and quit folding.
Make sure you only have what they actually need, let's say
for boys 5-6 pants, same amount tops, max two/three shabbos and 2-3 pair of pj.

For girls I do dresses in the summer, same amount of boys clothing, and sweater/ skirts and undershirts in the winter. Everything is in two colors that go well together + 2 basic colors, so I do pink, blue and black, grey. Anything my toddler will pull out to wear, automatically looks good, because we don't have the option of clashing colors.

For boys I do only gray and blue pants and some tops that match that so every morning they can grab something.
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Post Sun, Dec 10 2023, 7:31 am
I use regular hard square bins for folded kids clothing. I stand up the folded clothing vertically in the bin so it's very easy to pick something out without messing up everything else in the bin.
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Post Tue, Dec 12 2023, 4:53 am
I paid an organizer who is also an ADHD coach to come help me. Best investment ever, she helped me organize and taught me skills to stay organized.
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Post Sun, Feb 25 2024, 9:10 am
Ok, so I think I have undiagnosed ADD also...
B"H I am very creative and that helps me at work but at home....not so much...

my two solutions which are not for everyone is as follows:

1) I work two jobs (and probably taking on more) and I hire cleaning help 6x a week

2) I hired an organizer last year to do my house...it was a fortune between her rate and all the containers she bought...unfortunately, alot of her work didn't hold up so I came up with a new system.......every night I spend ten minutes (I time myself! I need that for my focus!) I am not on the phone or doing anything else but for TEN MINUTES I am slowly going through shelf by shelf and, using her containers and baskets, putting everything where it needs to go. then ongoing, I spend another ten minutes going over what I did in previous nights (maintaining)
so far I am seeing headway.....I am also throwing out a ton (when she organized my house, I was at work for the most part, so she didn't toss much, she just organized what I had...)

3) Lastly, if you have ADD, it is imperative that you keep your "stuff" to a minimum! my MIL is crazy organized, every pin has a place, and she owns so much stuff!! she doesn't throw out anything but keeps every little thing (and knows where it is!) and sometimes it does come in handy! but I need to cut my losses! would I rather need to buy an extra thing now and then and have an organized house? I can't do both like my MIL! it's one or the other! so I toss and give away very aggressively!
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